Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Scales are LIARS, Froyo is my BEST FRIEND.

As I was brushing my teeth this morning (but not my hair, because that's reserved for special occasions...), I glanced at the scale under the sink in our bathroom.  It was taunting me.  So, I stepped on it -- why not, right?  I wasn't disappointed or upset by the number that looked back at me, however, it did get my pre-coffee-or-breakfast, delusional brain thinking....

Scales are liars.  And sometimes, assholes.  (Feel free to substitute "scales" for "men"... also applicable, but we'll save that for another post).


I was thinking about all the times when the scale ruled my life -- this was actually quite recent.  It gets addicting. I started weighing myself pretty much every time I was around a scale... and if the number isn't what you had in mind, it sets you down a destructive path!  Then, I realized.. that scales are liars and assholes.

Ever wonder why you can step on 3 different scales and they'll give you 3 different weights?
Ever wonder why you can step on a scale in the morning and step on a scale at night, and get a 3-5 pound difference?
Ever wonder why you can step on a scale on a Tuesday, lose 3 pounds by Wednesday, and gain 5 by Thursday??

Guys, scales are inaccurate.  And, more importantly, your weight is in a constant state of fluctuation!
Everything from how hydrated you are, how much salt you had, how much you sweated during yesterday's workout... heck, probably how much you breathe! -- it all affects that damn number, so you kind of have to get over it.

Yes, scales are important.  You should never "avoid the scale" just because you're afraid of what number it'll spit out at you, but also remember...
Scales don't care if you can run 5 miles, they don't care if you eat healthy and wholesome foods every day, they don't care if you're like 100 percent muscle... they don't care if you're a genius or you have a stellar personality!!!

Step on a scale, if you must, and then get over it.... They're liars, I tell ya!

Sooooo, on to more pressing matters, like my excessive frozen yogurt consumption.
Check out my hot dates to our faveeee yogurt place last night.... yes, we actually took time to get dressed before leaving the apartment.  Um, I wish I could tell you that the electricity went out and we were forced to get dressed in the dark... but it didn't.

On the menu??
Pumpkin pie and Caramel Pecan Toffee froyo filled with waffle cone, carob chips, diced and roasted almonds, and crumbled graham crackers. 

Yes, I have an addiction.  I'm an addict.  I'm addicted... how many different ways can I spell it out for you??? No judgies, please.  Frozen yogurt fills an important void in my life (single, fabulous, and satisfied... my creamy froyo).


Less exciting, but still delicious:

Blueberry and apples & cinnamon oats for breakfast.  
Blueberry muffins in a bowl, basically.

Off to sit on my ass for a bit before going to class.
Contemplated fitting in a workout -- and maybe even a jog -- but then realized I would fall asleep in the majority of my classes if I attempted such a feat... craziness.

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