Saturday, September 24, 2011


Good afternoon!!

It is the beginning of a beautiful, perfect fall weekend -- yesterday was officially the first day FALL!! and today it actually felt like it.  Goodbye hot and sticky summer weather, you won't be missed.

I woke up after a night of restless sleep (weird dreams, late nights, random texts and phone calls do NOT help you get a good night of rest)... but I was so ready for my planned morning run :)

After brewing a large amount of TJOES coffee, I made a quick, pre-run, breakfast of champs:
Cinnamon raisin bagel thin, topped with garlic and herb laughing cow cheese, with a side of scrambled egg beaters!

I actually ended up putting the eggs on top of my bagel thin -- I was a fan!
The sweet savory combo is kind of amazing...
I didn't want oatmeal because I figured I needed some better fuel for my planned long run this morning AND I didn't want to risk any sloshy sloshy of oats in my belly :) cramps will kill my mojo.

After 30 minutes of food gawking, I synced my Ipod, laced up my Saucony's (inserts to prevent my ginormous pronation issues were included), and headed out!

It was perfect.
It was a crisp, cool morning.  The sun was hiding behind the famous Bay Area fog. The leaves were changing colors and falling off the trees, making that gorgeous crunching sound beneath my feet!

I combined two of my favorite hilly as all-get-out runs, making one heck of a great workout! I conquered an easy 10.5 miles at an 8:40 ishh minute mile pace and I really wanted to keep going.  But, I realized --- I didn't pack any fuel, I didn't pack any water, I'm still supposed to be "taking it easy" on my ankle... so on, so forth. 

Yeah, I'm making that awkward face for a few reasons....
1. Stanford running shirt is being worn.  I almost got booed as I passed other students.
2. The cool, crisp weather had no affect on my excessive sweating disorder.
3. I was huunngrryy.

Leftover SALAD BEAST from last night with a side of honey wheat toast and garlic and herb laughing cow cheese.  Can you say carbs?? 

I am currently:

JUST IN CASE my ankle decides to go rogue on me again. 
Don't worry Mom, Dad, Nelly & assorted family members... my ankle still feels great. Just taking precautionary measures because I'm super responsible.... if you haven't noticed.

Off to finish my chai tea before work until 5. UGH.
Catch you later tonight :) I might be getting dinner in the city!! Keep you posted

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