Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Those Wednesday Mornings...

I love it when you wake up and it feels like a lazy Sunday morning!

I was seriously in the "weekender" mood when I went to the gym... I told everyone I was working tonight -- and they informed me it's not Friday yet, it's only Wednesday.

Happy Hump Day everybody!

So, I walked out of my room at 7:30, smelling some heavenly quiche that Jenny (my roommate) decided to make for her breakfast.  I immediately abandoned any plans for oatmeal in favor of some more savory breakfast items:

Cinnamon & Raisin bagel thin slathered with some buttter! And scrambled egg beaters topped with salt, pepper, and Parmesan cheese.

This may seem like a small feat, but I finally perfected the use of the convection oven!! I toasted my bagel without burning it (for once) and the inside was still all doughy.... Score.

I headed out for a run before hitting up my favorite abs and back class (my usual Mon/Wed routine) however, about 3.5 miles in, I still wasn't feelin' my running mojo.  Even with my kicked up Disney play list, which included some classics like Hakuna Matata and Circle of Life... Simba, you are my inspiration to run faster.

I decided to take my own advice and walk to the gym.  I never want to feel like running is a chore, so if I don't want to do it & my BODY doesn't want to do it, then I won't.

I biked for 10 minutes, went to abs and back, and headed home for some lunch action.

I'm obsessed with guacamole. My apologies.

Corn tortillas toasted with american cheese and topped with tomatoes, lettuce, and guacamole!

Ummmm, check out that melty cheese! It was kind of perfect.
Plus, cold guacamole mixed with fresh veggies rolled up in a carb?? That's right up my alley.
Since I wasn't feelin' a hot bowl of oatmeal... I made a GINORMOUS smoothie bowl!
I used strawberry creme protein powder, frozen berries, and almond milk --

Strawberry creme protein smoothie in a bowl!

It was overflowing... I had to lick the bowl a few time to prevent any spillage.
It's like eating frozen yogurt - that never ends. what?! That's like my fantasy.

I quickly packed up and headed to...

Excuse me, but can anyone else understand those squiggly-looking things that are supposedly "words"???

Arabic, I will master you.  It's only a matter of time before your squiggles make perfect sense. 

Okay, friends -- HAVE A HAPPY HUMP DAY (Wednesday)
anddd I'll catch yaaa later for Italian night with my girlies!

ma'a salaama!

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