Thursday, September 22, 2011

On The Go!

My morning slash early afternoon slash soon-to-be evening has been non-stop. 

Thursdays are always my busiest, thanks to an unbalanced schedule that leaves me with no free time - Casey vs. Public Education... you win this round (we are now tied, 1-1).

I knew if I wanted to work out, I'd have to get my booty up and ready to go before my crazy day started.  This meant, sleeping in my running clothes... and my running shoes... with my ipod ready to go!  Kidding, I slept in pjs, woke up, had coffee and some almonds before I headed out on my run, I'm just really dramatic and think it's funny to over exaggerate

Questions that you will probably ask yourself after seeing my post-run photo:
1. Casey, why is it so dark?
2. Casey, why do you smile like you're slightly constipated?
3. Casey, why are you still sweating... 15 minutes after you got back?

Well, my curious friends... after running 6.5 miles...
1. It was still pretty overcast (and dark) outside.
2. My "I'm so excited" and my "I really need to poop" smiles are strangely similar...
3. I sweat. A LOT. That's natural, right?

Sped through a 4 minute shower (I even shampooed and conditioned AND body washed... feelin' fancy today) and put some oatmeal on the stove while I packed up my lunch.

Cinnamon spice oatmeal with fresh blueberries and candied walnuts.

Can you see the smoke that's coming off my bowl?? I took like a million pictures... and my waterpolo-playing neighbors probably mistake me for a creeper/peeping tom/ paparazzi...

I continued my on-the-go theme all the way through two classes and lunchtime!
Thank goodness all the cloudy, Bay Area fog cleared up, because it was nice and sunny by the time I sat down for lunch.

Honey wheat bread, provolone cheese, guacamole, tomatoes, and lettuce sandwich.
and a Granny Smith apple on the side. 

Okay, is it weird that I layer my sandwiches like bread-cheese-guac-tomatoes-lettuce and repeat starting with bread again.... that I used a fork and knife to eat it?? No, I don't think it's weird either. This is why I eat by myself.

Guess what??
My morning of non-stop running (both literally and figuratively!) paid off - thank allaaaahh - because some kind soul in my Arabic class baked too many homemade brownies with chocolate chunks and had to bring some in to share!

When she said "I made too many brownies"... I had to ask her to explain.  She look confused (as she was speaking in English and not Arabic) but I told her I had never, ever made "too many" brownies... I typically eat an entire pan and regret not making a double batch.


Anyways, just took a nap, about to make a snack and head to my next round of classes! I'm going to be one hungry (and grumpy) girl by the time I get back. Big surprise there. 

Hope you're twice as energized as I am right now!

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