Friday, September 23, 2011

Free Sandwich?!

Trust me, I'm just as excited by those words as you are... except, unlike you folks, I get to EAT the free sandwich :) I would say, "if I could share with you, I would," but for those of you who know me at all..... food is kind of a big deal.  I don't just share with anyone..

Anyways, I'll get to the details of the most delicious free sandwich ever in a bit...

I woke up and thanked the Lord it was FRIDAY! Why do I love Fridays?
1. Friday's have become my official rest day
2. I have two classes - done before 1 pm.
3. It's Friday.....

I hopped out of bed (with as much enthusiasm as one could have "hopping" around at 7 am).
I drank an extremely large cup of coffee and proceeded to have a delicious bowl of ---

Banana cream oats topped with sugar-free maple syrup.

Mmmmmm.  Warm, maple-syrupy oatmeal?  I literally felt like I was eating dessert -- kind of a flan-esque type? heaven.

By the way, how pretty are those greens in the background?  I should seriously start eating breakfast out on the patio -- but... then I couldn't watch Boy Meets World (nature loses this battle)

Class: Political Psych discussion.
Had to create an example that demonstrates Game Theory. Some groups came up with political examples, others came up with international relations examples.... I stood up and talked about "If a guy cheats on his girlfriend...." I guess I didn't get the "be boring and serious" memo.


I love being a girl.
I love boys who think buying girls sandwiches will get them somewhere -- other than the "friend zone"
I love how wrong they are.
I love that I still get a sandwich.

Veggie, hummus, and fresh feta cheese sandwich on a whole wheat sub!

Excuse how unnecessarily large my eyes are.  You know the expression "your eyes are bigger than your stomach"??  So, untrue.  But I still try to indicate the abnormally large size of my tummy by widening my eyes a bit in pictures....

I planned to save half the sandwich for later.
epic fail.
Do I care?  NO.

Off to nap :) Have a happy Friday.

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