Wednesday, September 28, 2011


.... it's hot hot hot outside.

I hinted at the weird summer weather we were having this morning, while I was chowing down on some pumpkin pancakes, but when I headed out on my run - all my suspicions were confirmed:

After my pumpkin feast, I laced up the sneaks and headed out on a quick 4.5 mile run before heading to my favorite abs class :)

Why do I look so excited? Because....
1. I just had pancakes
2. I didn't have class till noon
3. I got a 92.5 on my Arabic test!!

I came home and i was actually hungry !! Weird... I thought my pancakes would have held me over.  I guess running + biking + abs = an appetite?

I'm not complaining. 

I made one of my "dump salads," where I combine all the delicious leftovers in my fridge, stir fry some veggies, and throw them on top of a bed of lettuce!

Spaghetti squash, broccoli, pepper strips with marinara sauce on top of romaine lettuce and feta.

and for some carbs:

Toasted multi-grain english muffin with honey!

 I had to get my booty to class, which involved walking faster-than-a-snails pace ---- which led to some unnecessary sweating -- which led to day-dreaming about frozen yogurt --
Do you see where this is going??

I called up my favorite yogurt place ( since I have them on speed dial) to check their flavors:
pumpkin pecan, chocolate mounds bar, cookies and cream?!?!?

After my staff meeting, I booked it over there!

Pumpkin pecan, mounds bar, and french vanilla froyo topped/filled with raisins, waffle cone, and graham crackers!

Sorry for the crappy picture....
I had to rush to take a picture and eat my froyo as fast as I could before it melted - duh.

Nappppp time then class time then dinner time!!
Catch you later :)

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