Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Night of New Things

Tonight was filled with new things for me -- and I have zero complaints !!
It involved a ridiculous amount of cliches, like stepping out of my comfort zone, breaking down barriers, and overcoming stereotypes.

Yes, I had quite an evening...

But, a few things happened before my night of newbies :)
Starting with my typical to-go lunch, which I packed shortly after whipping up those delicious pumpkin pancakes for breakfast!! 

I finally ran out of provolone! So, I used my Laughing Cow Light Garlic and Herb cheese -- and it was heavenly with the creamy guacamole! New fave.

Honey wheat bread, laughing cow wedge, guacamole, slice roma tomatoes, and romaine lettuce!

And of course -- my dessert, fiber one brownie!!

I cut my lunch break short today and headed to office hours to catch up on some more Arabic before our exam.  The test was okaaaayy, as in I didn't feel the need to drown my sorrows in froyo or cookie dough (although, that did happen over the course of the day's festivities...)

I came home and broke one of my exercise rules!!
I forced myself to go out on a run, when my legs and my mind did not want to move at all!! So, about 25 minutes into my run I decided to cut my losses and save myself from months of "I hate running mentality" by run-walking another 2 miles back to my apartment.

My muscles are still super sore from my runs this past weekend -- so, I decided to do some yoga/stretching before hopping in the shower and grabbing a quick snack at the computer.

Something about crisp Granny Smith apples and nuts tastes like fall!!

For once, I headed to class without thinking about what I was going to make for dinner...
I had some fancy plans for the night!


After my International Human Rights class, I headed over to....
Delta Gamma. Yes, a sorority house.

For those of you who know me (and I mean knowwww me) you probably are shocked by this!  I have never considered myself a sorority girl.  I've always been more of a "guy's girl," enjoying things like outdoor sports and football > anything stereotypical of a sorority!

But, I have a lot of friends who are in DG and I was always surprised that I was friends with girls who are supposed to be "nothing like me."  I've watching Greek on ABC Family, I've seen all the movies, and I've had my run-ins with the Greek life on campus -- this is kind of where my negative view of Greek life originated.

Yesterday, I was invited to a few dinners for, what they call, "Open bidding," where I have a chance to meet the house and see what it's all about, without going through the dreaded rush process.  I've always been curious.. so, why not?

I headed over to dinner and I had a blast. Everyone was genuinely nice (I can see right through those fakers! ) and I actually found that I had a lot in common with the girls -- many were athletes, there were tons of SoCal girls, a few polsci majors, and the most important thing -- they all loved to eat!!!

I didn't snap a picture of dinner, but this is pretty much what it looked like:
Salad bar with tons of fixings, cilantro lime vinaigrette, cajun shrimp, and spaghetti with marinara: Alll mixed into one bowl! 

I had a great time, and I'll be back at the house for dinner again tomorrow night.  Hmmmm.....

I called up a friend - LISA - and we headed for some post-dinner FroYo!!
We've been wanting to go all week (I know, you've missed the beautiful froyo photos) because rumor has it, they have Hawaiian Coconut!

French vanilla and Hawaiian Coconut froyo mixed with oreos, coconut flakes, graham crackers, and waffle cone!!

What is that?? A picture of Casey with her eyes resembling something close to normal size?!
I know... I told you tonight was all new to me!

I wasn't originally planning on going to my next adventure, but Lisa suckered me in :)
Yes, there exists a club for all kinds -- including fellow Foodies!

We walked in, and they started off the first meeting by introducing us to this amazing pastry chef who owns a bakery in the bay area.... oh my GOODNESS.  He taught us how to make sponge mouse cake and then passed out these babies:

Blackberry mouse and sponge cake with peach french macarons!

Hey, did you know I went back for seconds?
It doesn't feel like you're eating cake when it's so light and fluffy :)

So, tonight was new to me -- and I kinda liked it!
I'm off to do something not-so-new to me.... studyinggggg

Have a great night!! See you and some pumpkin pancakes tomorrow!

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