Friday, September 9, 2011

Just Call Me... Cheesecake.

Yes, you heard me right... I will now be answering to the name Cheesecake.  If you are what you eat, apparently eating half my weight in cheesecake makes me -- well, cheesecake. 

Follow that logic?

Don't worry, I didn't even that dense and delicious dessert ALL DAY... there was even some healthy food consumed.  It's called a balanced lifestyle for a reason, right? I figured 4 healthy meals is equivalent to 4 slices of cake :)

Anyways, I woke up craving some oatmeal!
Good thing I've been thinking ahead recently anddd I've been making my oatmeal overnight (with a little extra water) and leaving it in the fridge so it gets super thick and fluffy -- plus, I just have to pop in the good ol' micro for 3 minutes.

Creamy coconut oatmeal with yogurt and fresh blueberries swirled in. 

I actually headed to the gym for an hour before going to class (I have a super packed schedule on Thursdays... but I neeeeeded some schweaty action!) Jenny and I bundled up - it's nipply in the AM - and then we went our separate ways at the gym.

I completed a cool "walking interval workout" on the tready for 50 minutes. 

The intervals -- playing with speed and incline -- seriously keep me entertained, as opposed to walking at the same pace for like an hour.  I had approximately 18 minutes to make lunch, shower, get purtttyyy and run to class (fast walk...)

I layered a lavash wrap, veggies (lettuce, peppers, onions) , and leftover turkey chili in a tuperware -- which I heated up at the cafe for lunch.
SO GOOD -- check out those layers :)

Then -- hit the gym for 15 minutes of cycling and 15 minutes of arm weights -- after class.
Came back, and made myself a protein pancake!

I think my flipping skills are getting a little bit better?  Right?

I only left an hour in between gym and class... so I couldn't nap! No bueno.
I did, however, fit in a few recipes with Rachel Ray - love that her 30 minute meal episodes are timed perfectly so I can get a good Rachel Ray sesh between classes :)

Guys.... never EVER do I NOT have food on, in, with me..
I don't know how this happened, but I forgot to pack a snack.  So, the 3 and 1/2 hours of lecture and discussion left me ravenous and cranky.  My GSI (grad student instructor) was giving me weird eyeballs because I kept looking at my watch and looking at the damn granola bar he had on his desk.

what a tease. 

So, I walked home and made up a HUGE shiritaki noodle bowl!!! HUGE. huge huge. huge.
I actually mixed in some of my leftover mushroom soup and veggie combo with some marinara and added in more soy crumbles, veggies, and an entire Shiritaki noodle package...

GREAT combo! It was like creamy bolognese!

I only had a minor dessert after my meal -- yogurt and chocolate chips :)
Because... it is...

And I KNEW there would be cake and cookies in the near future.

Boy, was I right -
Henry baked some home made oreo-stuffed cookies and oreo frosting.

Which I devoured.

And thennnn -- Lisa brought out this can't-decide-on-which-type-of-cheesecake-I-like-want cheesecake platter from Trader Joe's...

Divide and conquer.  That was our game plan. 

I also ate off all the crusts on Henry's cheesecakes... it's a bad habit of mine.  I need to be trained -- or put on a leash. 

ps. don't you love our ghetto college life? those are paper towels for plate... and spoons instead of forks... DON'T JUDGE!!!

Guys -- tonight we're going big.

Bomb Thai food.
The Earthquake sundae from Girardelli...

warning: if you're not a fan of large portions - I probably wouldn't read my posts for the next couple of days :)


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