Monday, September 19, 2011

Green Eggs & Oats

I'm actually having a great Monday, even though I might have gotten a bad grade on my Arabic test... dumb "chicken" instead of "house"... dictations are a royal pain in the ass.

And let's be honest, if I said "want to come back to my chicken with me?" to a guy instead of "want to come back to my house with me?" I think my parents would be okay with that...

Anyways, last night was another froYOga night. Except, we went to an amazing candle-lit session and the entire time we should have been focusing on our asanas... I was thinking of which toppings I wanted on my BUTTER PECAN froyo!

Butter pecan & french vanilla froyo mixed with oreos, graham crackers, and waffle cone.


This morning was epic. 
For ONCE in the past decade of my oatmeal-obsessed life.... I didn't want oatmeal for breakfast.  What?! Instead, I wanted something carby and something cold.

Cinnamon raisin bagel thing with butter and cinnamon & a bowl of applesauce and greek yogurt topped with frozen berries and sprinkled with cinnamon and suggggaaa!

I was really diggin' the applesauce & yogurt combo... hmm?  New breakfast regular?

I don't start my classes until noon on Mondays -- small victory for Casey vs. California's public education system --  so I headed out for a quickie run before ending at my favorite abs and back class at the gym :) I used to do this 3-4 times a week last semester.. but my schedule & my butt aren't very cooperative.

I went 5.5 miles (in 45 minutes!) anddd ended up slipping from all the sweat on my mat.  The other abs&back participants were grossed out... I made it a point to flip my hair really fast so some sweat flew their direction... mature, I know.

I came back - SHOWERED FOR 5 MINUTES, new personal record compared to the usual 2 minutes - and made this delicious and not-so-pretty sandwich.

Open-faced Green Eggs Sandwich
Honey wheat bread, provolone cheese, scrambled eggs mixed with guacamole, tomato slices and crispy lettuce! 

I added eggs for two reasons:
1. to get some extra mmmph in my sandwich (protein, baby)
2. When mixed with guac, it tastes like I'm eating about 5 tablespoons of the delicious, creamy avocado, when I'm really only eating like 1 1/2 + 1/3 cup of egg beaters.

I also had creamy nanner oats :) but failed to take a pic because I was late to class.

Wanna guess what my afternoon snack was??
Blueberries & cream oatmeal with fresh blueberries and candied walnuts

My roommates think I'm insane because it's about 82 degrees up here and I'm eating oatmeal and drinking tea like I live in an igloo. It's not my fault my favorite foods are meant for cold-blooded creatures...

Sweating while you eat oatmeal is attractive in some cultures.

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