Monday, September 19, 2011

Rules to Live By

I am not a "live by the rules" type of person.
I'm actually an extremely stubborn, if-you-throw-a-rule-at-me-I-will-most-likely-break-it-just-to-spite-you type of person... but there are a few rules I always fall back on.

1. When in doubt, throw it into a huge salad. 
Whether you need to clean out the fridge, whether you have too many veggies or a random assortment of meat.... you will never be disappointed if you throw it all on top of a huge bed of Romaine lettuce and top with any dressing/hummus/salsa/guac of your choice!

Dinner tonight?  Last night's squash, on top of two huge romaine hearts, mixed with red pepper hummus and guacamole. AND FETA GALORE!

It may not win any "best in show" awards, but it sure tasted like a winner.
Just to give you an idea of how gigantic that salad was, I attempted to place it next to my Lavender plant... but it kind of just looks weird, huh??

2. Never skip dessert.
Yes, this is a rule I follow religiously... after lunch, after a snack, after dinner, after my first dessert...

Skinny Cow's Vanilla and Caramel cone. 

I might have also had a bowl of chocolate pudding with candied walnuts by the bucketful.

3. If you have to study, drink a large sugary & caffeinated drink.

It's official.
The first Pumpkin Spice Latte (made with non-fat milk and no whip!) has been consumed...
I'm still on a sugar high...

The end of the cup was basically pure pumpkin spice syrup -- no complaints.

I'm off to "bed" -- but since I had coffee, this means I'll be netflixing like no other! 

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