Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stumbling, and Pinning, and FroYo, OH MY!

Okay, I realize that the rest of the world has already hopped on the Stumble Upon and the Pinterest bandwagon... but for some reason it's taken me this long to visit their sites!

I'm already addicted.

It's probably more addicting that foodgawker and facebook combined -- oh man, I'm in trouble.
Good thing I got those minor details called midterms out of the way before stumbling upon, such wonderful treasures!

If you haven't hopped on board - go check out the sites! I've been sending random quotes from pinterest to basically everyone in my phonebook since midnight last night.

Anyways, I'll start off your morning with this beautiful quote:

Um, words to live by.

I will never feel guilty for licking the pie tin clean... even when I'm sitting alone in my bed...

Sooooo - snack time!

Yesterday, before heading to class, I didn't get off the couch for three hours except for when I wanted a snack... which was consumed, on my ass, on the couch.

If I haven't shared my how-to-toast-an-English-Muffin technique... listen up:

Take out an English muffin and do NOT cut it in half!! just stick the whole thing in the convection oven or the toaster, so the outside gets all crispy and crunchy and the inside is HOT and soft and doughy.... perfection.

I went to class and learned about genocide.  Some would find this depressing, some would find this topic seriously interesting (sad, but cool to learn about, but sad...) guess which category I fall into?

I hit up my usual Tuesday-afternoon spin class with da roomie and my long lost friend, Lee!
Then boogied on home to get to dinnnnna....

I was craving Quinoa fried rice, especially since my dad picked up some Shiritaki mushrooms for me last weekend!

Quinoa fried rice with Shiritaki mushrooms, brocolli, and scrambled egg-beaters.  Seasoned with salt, pepper, and low-sodium soy sauce

On the side, I heated up some leftover kabocha squash.

I looooveee quinoa.
I loveeee fried rice...

it all works out.

Shortly after finishing dinner, my sweet tooth struck.  I knew I had plans to do absolutely nothing that requires any sort of higher order cognitive processing (like thinking) with Annie and Lisa, so I blasted Lisa with texts until she agreed to go get froyoooo! (she was at kickboxing, like a good girl. I'm just a bad influence)

Instead of hitting up our usualy froyo place, we went to Yogurtland!  I know, it's a little crazy.
But... they have pumpkin pie flavor.  So.... you understand, right?

Pumpkin pie, think mint cookie, death by chocolate, and taro FroYo with oreos, peanuts, and a circus animal cookie

We headed back to her apartment, where we caught up on important things like Grey's Anatomy anddd Pinterest!! They were the ones who started me on my bad addiction...

I came home and crawled into bed around 12:30 :/
damn internet. 

and thennn... woke up and enjoy some fast b-fast!

Peaches and Cream oatmeal topped with kix and almond milk.

1. Peaches and cream was the oatmeal of my childhood
2. Kix are strangely delicious
3. The combination of the two are out of this world.

Sooo... we started off this morning with some words to live by. 
Here's another cool quote: 

So, so true.
They forgot to add frozen yogurt and icing to that list.. but I'll forgive Pinterest.

Offfff to enjoy a workout with some of my lady friends!
Have a great hump day!

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