Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween and Human Rights.

Okay.  I'm sitting in the library... deep in the heart of our campus.. attempting to write my midterm paper on International Human Rights.

Just to give you guys an idea of how it's going:
My first page compares the debate between Reese's Vs. Kit Kats to the international debate between Minority Rights vs. Indigenous rights.

Yes, that just happened.  I said the dilemma between buying Halloween candy is analogous to the dilemma over human rights equality in international relations....

But seriously... how can you make that decision?!

Reese's VS. KIT KAT?!?!?!

Minority Rights Vs. Indigenous Rights??!?!

Can't we all just live peacefully, together??
Hey, I should probably talk about how our world is analogous to the jumbo assortment bags of Halloween candy -- everyone can coexist!

This is getting ridiculous...
and slightly pathetic....

Back to this damn paper.

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