Sunday, October 2, 2011

Brunch of Champions

Oh my goodness... brunch did NOT let me down today!!
After looking up the menus and google imaging all the different dishes... I had quite a lot to think about on my run this morning!

I was still torn between sweet and savory after my run, after my shower, and after my 2-minute "try-to-look-semi-attractive" beauty regimen was complete!

Luckily, I didn't have to make such a life-changing decision.

My friend, Lee (who went to high school with my older, smarter, and gorgeous sister), Annie, Lisa and I met up and promptly headed to Venus -- a great brunch place in the East Bay.  There was about a 25 minute wait, which passed by quickly thanks to great company and hilarious anecdotes.

Lisa and Annie decided to get the country breakfast -- with french toast, eggs, homefries, muffins, and bacon (does it get any better than that?)

While Lee & I, being struck with indecision, decided to split a perfect sweet and savory breakfast, starting with a glass of fresh OJ and a warm carrot, zucchini, raisin, apple muffin.

I fell in love with this muffin and I will get to work recreating this work of art in the near future!
Obviously... we enjoyed the muffin.

We decided to split the
Venus benedict: eggs benedict with ham and avocado, smothered in their homemade hollandaise sauce, served with a side of seasoned homefries. I could have eaten my half and then some.. the egg was perfectly poached and the hollandaise sauce made me want to drink it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I also mixed some of my potatoes in the leftover sauce/egg combo -- heaven.

And we split the Marscapone-stuffed french toast topped with and pear, apple, and granola. With a side of apple smoke bacon!! The bread was Challah (which means super dense, super delicious!) and the sweet marscapone immediately set me on a sugar high... ahhhhh.  The warm maple syrup didn't hurt things either :)

Check out the size of those plates!!!
Casey-approved portions for all.

I dubbed Lee my new partner-in-crime when it comes to food... as he obviously knows that one should never have to decide between sweet and savory.

I'm off to study a bit and probably whip up a light salad --- or probably not (Have I ever made a "light" meal.... let's get real).

Hope you're enjoying the last hours of your weekend!!

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