Monday, February 20, 2012

Mucho Buena Comida Mexicana

Hello from Mexicooooo!

Ps. I'm sorry if I offend anybody with my horrible spanish... I actually don't know any Spanish at all (even though I'm from SoCal and it's basically everyone's 2nd language).  So technically, if I mispell, mispronounce, or butcher any Spanish words/phrases -- it's Sister's fault.

We arrived in Cabo San Lucas without fail!
I got there about 30 minutes before her, so I chatted with Octavius - nicest person ever.  He was the manager of the airport and he kept me company (and warded off any creepers).

We met up, hopped onto a shuttle for our resort, and about an hour later, WE ARRIVED!
First thing on our minds?  Food. 

We didn't want to venture into town because we were both tired... but we wanted greasy and delicious mexican food.  So, we went to the lobby bar and ordered Fresh Fish Tacos, Chips & Guac, Salsa, and Chicken Quesadillas!! But of course, Sister and I are sweet-a-holics... so we got a Tres Leches cake and a Banana Split with all the fixings :)

My first day in pictures!

The Digs: our room sleeps 5 comfortably... there are only two of us.  And we're in a California King bed.  Guess who sleeps on my side of the bed for cuddling purposes
- gorgeous balcony with views
- full kitchen
- living area
- two bathrooms! (one we use solely for number two)

Off to the Pool!
We went on a 6 mile run and then quickly showered and headed straight to the pool!

Where they delivered Chicken Nachos and Taco Combo -- shrimp, steak, and chicken

Our afternoon included NAPPING.
More napping.
Getting burnt (because somebody forgot sunscreen... so we bought some and then somebody also forgot to help me apply it on my back.... and then we fell asleep)
More napping.


We walked around town a bit and explored all of our food options.
Neither one of us were too hungry because we had been indulging all day (typical for us... especially on VACAY) but a nice waiter suckered us into Alexander's - a yummy mexican/italian place right on the Marina.
Ceasar Salad prepared by our table!

Mexican Combo - Chile Relleno, Steak Fajitas, Quesadilla, rice & beans & pico de gallo

 Swedish Apple Pie -- light and filled with apples.  No caramel or thick crust!
 Strawerry Tiramisu -- DELICIOUS twist on a classic!
 Chocolate Fondu -- strawberries, bananas, apples, and pineapple for dipping

We thought we were being funny by posing like Proof of Life for our parents...
They don't think we're funny.

It's a new day and we're ready for a quick workout and the BEACH!!
Fill you in later!

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