Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome aboard!!
Okay, sorry, that was more than a little cheesy... but I figured it would set the mood for my blog post recapping our nautical adventures yesterday :)

I need to warn you. Yesterday was one of the best and the absolute worst days ever!! Best = we had a really awesome boating adventure! Worst = I suffered Mother Nature's cruel wrath the entire time... resulting in psychological and physical harm.  There will be some negative thoughts along the way.

Anyways ----

We woke up bright and early (unfortunately, not early enough for a run) and headed to the marina to hop on board a Jadrolija boat that ferried us to the island of Hvar!

This is what happens when you fall asleep...
We like to keep ourselves entertained.

Once we got to Hvar, we took a bus to the "old city" and boarded another boat - this one was a cute wooden boat that took us island hopping around Hvar.  It had three different stops along the way for swimming in this gorgeous water and. of course. lunch was included.

first mishap: I got stung by a wasp... right in the old 'pitter (arm pit).  It was a bittttt painful.

The crew grilled up some amazing, fresh white fish that went along with cabbage and tomato salad.
I used to be grossed out by fishies with a face... and eyeballs... but it tasted way better than I remember!  So i chopped off the head and continued eating :)

 For dessert (we have dessert after ever meal... duh) we had a coconut King bar!!
Vanilla ice cream with a chocolate coconut ribbon coated in chocolate and covered in shredded coconut pieces... um. SIGN ME UP FOR SECONDS!


 One of the most amazing views was of all the gorgeous yachts, sailboats, and cruisers that were docked around various marinas or out boating around the bay.
My future will include a sailboat of this variety:

And of course I want some crystal clear water to go with my boat

Mishaps continued:
- I am the only one, on the entire trip, who has gotten a bug bite. I currently have 8.  and a wasp bite
- I got my foot stepped on crushed by a fairly sizable gentleman.
- I slipped in a pile of dog shit.  And started to cry....

Other than that... my day was amazing!!!
I'll fill you in on the dinner party/feast we had tonight - at a later date


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