Monday, August 1, 2011

can someone be FIGDICTED?

Guys, we have a serious problem.

Sister and I have become addicted to figs.  We are fig addicts.  And I don't think we can be saved...
We carry around figs in our purses.
We have figs by our bedside.
There is currently a sack of figs in bed with us... (we're watching Shark Week online!)
We bought a kilo of figs just to hold us over for the day

What is wrong with us?!

We have started to come up with fig phrases that might find their way onto t-shirts in the future.
1. Go fig or go home
2. A life without figs is no life at all
3. WWFD? What would fig do?
4. Who the fig do you think you are?

There are also plans for a fig farm in our backyard.  Plantation de Figlet??

Just thought I'd warn you...

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