Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some Broccoli, Some feet & A Good Time with My SPIN CREW!

I've been working on this ankle thing...
and the first step is: ice ice, baby!!!

I just happen to only own frozen veggies... so I layered some peas and carrots on the bottom and some broccoli florets on top :) I feel like the healthy vitamins from these "ice packs" will just soak right into my ankle.  That's how it works, right?

The rest of my Saturday night consisted of icing and enjoying a few laughs, courtesy of our friends from Jersey Shore.  Oh man... they don't get any classier in Italy.  My roommates and I were the definition of PARTY ANIMALS -- we ended up staying on our couch.  Always a winner in my book.

You know what else is a winner??
Hot, creamy oatmeal for breakfast! I knew when I went to bed last night, that I'd be hankering for some oatmeal in the morning.  I figured it would be substantial enough to carry me through spin class, but it wouldn't make me up-chuck (I think that's the polite way of saying barf) all over the bike. 

1 packet of quaker original oats, cup of water, 1/2 cup of almond milk, dash of vanilla pudding, dash of cinnamon, sprinkle of Xanthan gum (thickening), 1 chopped nanner, handful of raisins!

so warm and delicious.

check out that steam!

After a nice pooping party (my roommates all share a similar bowel movement sched), we got ready to head out to spin class!! We met up with two more friends on the way -- the new SPIN CREW!

I made sure to wear long spandies... as to not cause further aggravation to my crouch region.  poor thing already had to be tormented by that uncomfortable seat for a good 50 minutes.

Class flew by, because we did tons of climbing and speed intervals. 
We hit up the weight room for a little, I stole the latest Women's Health mag, then we jetted home!

After I picked up volumes 1 and 2 of the required readers for my classes... grr.

my stomach wanted food. 
good food. 
any food, really.

spicy black beans and tomatoes, cottage cheese, bulgur (cooked in chicken broth), salsa, and chopped romaine lettuce ----- such a great combination of flavors!!

I actually ended up adding more lettuce to the mix... causing an excessive intake of fibery goodness.
Which will probably result in an excessive outtake of umm everything in my tummy in about an hour.

I also followed up with a little ice ice, baby.
Those broccoli florets are multipurpose! Don't you love that they've taken a liking to my feet.... and they will later be served on my plate.  Weird? Nah.

ANYWAYS... time for a napppppp. I'm closing the gym tonight (meaning 2 am shift), so I'll probably need some rest sooo I don't kill any annoying freshman who can't figure out the "scan your ID and walk through the turn stile" process....

Hope you're having an easy Sunday :)

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