Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love Child & Office Entertainment

So... I had a love child in my tummy last night.

Yes, it's true.  But maybe I should elaborate a little bit before my parents get all up-in-arms and I find myself locked in a nunnery...  DON'T WORRY - This was a food love child :) and I'll give you all the delicious details after I entertain you with stories about my day at "work" yesterday.

Breakfast was a repeat of honey wheat toast with an egg white anddd some raspberry preserves.  I told you, this stuff really hits the spot when you want that brunchy-type breakfast. 
        - Since I use Sara Lee's 45 calorie bread -- I know, it still blows my mind -- I'm full but not full of guilt for eating 3 pieces of toast, eggs, coffee, and a protein bar... all before 9 o'clock. 

----------------- My day at the office:

I wasn't originally planning on spending my day at my mom's work (my sister works there too), but seeing as they're my best friends and I had nothing better to do besides sit on my ass in front of the tv (that should really be against the law when you're in sunny San Diego).... I decided to grace them with my presence and accompany them to the office :) lucky them!!!

I got to work.  Took out my laptop.  Got out my Arabic textbooks (I'm taking Arabic this fall and I'm trying to get a head start....).  Read a few of my favorite running blogs.... then decided I felt like going on a run.

Since I have ZERO fashion sense and I often choose comfort over style -- by often, I mean 100 percent of the time, every day of the week -- I was dressed in shorts, spandies, a sports bra, a running tank and my new running shoes.  Soooo, I grabbed my Ipod and headed out for a run around the office. 

4.5 miles later, I got bored of running around the same neighborhoods, so I took a cool down lap and headed back.  AND let's be honest, I was tired as heckkkkk - My butt is so out of shape.

I didn't, however, plan for a shower.  Errrr I hit up the office showers....
and I dried off with paper towels from the bathroom.  What? That's not normal?  Thank GOD nobody walked in while I sprinted from the shower stall to grab half a tree's worth of paper towels..

I was seriously hungry after I toweled off, so I offered my services as the office lunch lady.  Mom and Sister suggested Panera... which is my go-to for salads and sandies.

All of us ordered the Thai Chopped Chicken Salad, because it's amazing.  It might possibly make me a little gassy, but I sacrifice my toots just so I can eat this salad.  Sorry, TMI.

I also got half of a smoked turkey sandwich on country white bread :) I love carbs.

I entertained myself for a few minutes hours by updating the blog & making a few more additions to my favorite running playlist...

..... then I decided it was time to get bilingual bitches. Oh dear God, that sounded ridiculous... But you'll be happy to know that I am now your go-to person if you need to know how to say "mother," "I study," "United Nations," and 3/4 of the alphabet in Arabic. 

After my mind was exhausted from all those funky-looking "letters" -- I don't think they have a right to call them letters if there are only a few dots and squiggles on a page -- I took a nap on my mom's floor until it was time to go home.  Thankfully she's the boss lady so nobody bats a lash when they walk in and see her semi-showered daughter passed out in the corner of her office...

We came home and ate food.  GOOD FOOD.
My version of a Caprice salad, with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes from our garden, lettuce from our garden, and a balsamic glaze.

and a guilt-free hotdish that my Grandma made for us.  She used her homemade tomato sauce, two Costco hamburger patties, and Shiritaki (soy) noodles. 

I hope it's guilt-free, because I ate like 3 pounds of that hotdish.

---------------------------------------- Love child time.

Question: what are my two favorite things in this world????? besides assorted family members and food in general.

Answer: FROZEN YOGURT, specifically from Gspoon, and CHOCOLATE CAKE (pms cake!!)

Their love child (froyo's and chocolate cake's) found it's way into my tummmmy for dessert

Sister and I were thrifty and decided to pack our own toppings, in the form of leftover PMS cake, cornflakes, peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, and sprinkles.... we ate in our car to avoid weird looks.

Peanut butter and graham cracker froyo topped with chocolate pudding pms cake and cornflakes?!??!?!

Let's end with that.
PS. I'm at the office again :) entertaining myself, as usual.

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