Sunday, November 13, 2011

The World LOVES Me, My Legs HATE Me.

QUICK, before we go any further, I feel like I owe you some better pictures from last night.  These are pics I snapped on my new phone and basically.... I just want to share them with you.

Reasons why I love the city:

The Ferry Building - which I recently discovered is home to both history and numerous restaurants, organic markets, gelaterias, chocolatiers, pastry shops, and Blue Bottle Coffee!  And here I thought this building was a boring landmark... silly me.

This view.

A FIVE POUND CHOCOLATE BAR for only 60 dollars?!  What a steal!! Guess who carried that home in her purse... okay, kidding.  I wish.

The pumpkin curry from last night -- I realized I didn't show you guys a close up of my favorite dish.  The pumpkin curry was creamy and delicious, with bits of kabocha squash and chicken smothered in a coconut curry sauce and topped with crunchy, shredded sweet potatoes.

Alright, now we can officially discuss TODAY'S EVENTS since I no longer feel guilty for holding out on you with all that food porn.  My phones been burning a hole in my pocket with those babies :)

Anyways, guess who had work at 7:45 -- in the morning.

I wasn't actually complaining, since I woke up at 6:45 and took my time enjoying coffee and some blogs before packing up my breakfast to go.

This was special oatmeal.

Why? I randomly found butter flavored extract!! and it makes everything tastes like it came from Paula Deen's kitchen.   

I combined a packet of Lower-Sugar Apples and Cinnamon Oats, a handful of rolled oats, 2 cups of water, and some butter extract -- kind of tasted like heaven in a bowl.  Or apple pie with a buttery crust.  I topped it off with some fiber one honey grahams cereal.

So, while I was at work (on my new Sunday 7:45 shift)... a miracle happened.


My savior was reincarnated in the form of a nice old man who brings homemade lunches to all the gym employees every Sunday at 10 am!! Apparently this is well-known, but it was my first Sunday shift!!  In my lunch bag there was...

An organic turkey sandwich with swiss cheese made on home made herb bread and stuffed with a garlic aioli sauce and sprouts.  He also packed us a vegan strawberry newton!

And a sweet medjool date!

Is that man a sweetheart or what?  He even brought lunches for our custodial staff - just because it's Sunday!  He put a smile on my face and yummy food in my belly.


I got asked to go on a running date with some guys from work -- who actually never run -- so, I laced up my shoes and told them I'd take 'em on an easy jog :) It's supposed to be my recovery day anyways, so I figured I'd chat away with some good company.


I remembered to anti-chafe my buttcheeks and my underboobs before the run! Guess who's ass is happy with her.... and thank God my roommate didn't walk in while this was happening.

I ended up running 11.6 miles.

I ran an easy 6 and 1/2  before meeting up with them (because we originally planned to only go one or two miles)... but then I remembered how easy it easy to get carried away when you talk and run at the same time.  So, 11.5 miles later, I got back to my apartment.

I got a text shortly after that said "had a good time but I don't think I will be able to run with you anymore... I can't feel my legs." damn. 

SO, I realized I had 30 minutes to shower and eat before an Arabic meeting.
I needed major protein fast -- so I made a Fried Rice Quinoa Bowl with onions, yellow squash, broccoli, and soy crumbles.  

Okay, this is more of a reason why I love myself at the moment...
I discovered cinnamon sugar rice cakes and caramel rice cakes -- dipped in peanut butter, chocolate sauce, and fat-free cool whip.

Oh my oh my.
I've been eating this dessert for the past two days and I foresee it to be a major staple in my diet :)

reason #1 why I should be awake right now instead of sleeping...

Goodnight!! Hope you had a great weekend and if the world doesn't love you, remember that I DO!!

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