Monday, November 7, 2011

Last Day in SD and Back to School Breakfast!


Not only is it Monday (everybody's favorite day of the week) but now I'm back in NorCal, at school, with a whole week filled with deadlines, papers, and interviews to look forward to.

But I can't really complain because I had an amazing last day in San Diego and I had a super easy flight + taxi cab back from the airport (at midnight!)... so, it could be worse.

I shouldn't start off my week on such a negative note!

So, let's talk about my last meal at home!

I was craving Mexican food in a baaaddd way.  I was also craving salad (weird?) So I did some quick Yelp! searching and managed to convince my mom to go to Wahoo's Fish Tacos for dinner!  I was SUPER impressed by their healthy choices -- they listed a million different salad options with "fillers" like carne asada, blackened fished, charbroiled cajun chicken...! And they also listed the nutritional facts on the side -- pretty sweet, huh?

I decided to go with the Power Chopped Salad with 1/2 cajun chicken and 1/2 blackened fish with brown rice and white cajun beans and a lite cilantro red pepper dressing on the side.

This picture does NOT do it justice.

It was one of the tastiest (and spiciest!) salads I've had in awhile and both my mom and I agreed we'll be making regular trips back... just for salad beasts that are bigger than my head.

My brother called and asked us to pick up Panera -- one of my all-time favorite restaurants -- for him on our way back... so, obviously I had to pick him up an m&m monster sugar cookie for dessert.  I managed to sneaka bite before I gave it to him (don't worry... I wouldn't let that opportunity pass me by)

Crazy eyes as their finest.

OKAY -- pop quiz: what is the one place I MUST go to every time (if not multiple times, every day) I'm back in San Diego??

I'm surprised I didn't go sooner...

On our way to the airport, I sprinted through the pouring rain (literally, it was pouring) to get some Graham Cracker and Cake Batter froyo topped with diced almonds.

Excuse the picture quality -- I was too cold and too excited to take a better picture.

REALLY QUICK. I'm running late!
Had work this morning (7 am... lucky me)

So I made some healthy french toast before I left.

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