Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Festivities BEGIN!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!

My un-traditional Thanksgiving weekend is kicking off with a bang, thanks to the arrival of one of my very best friends: MOMMA!

Instead of flying home to San Diego and having a Thanksgiving feast for two (my siblings plus extended fam will be in DC with my dad!), we decided to go rogue and plan a girls weekend. I'll fill you in on the details in a bit... but first...

Check out what my amazing roommate & friend left for me! Jenny's flight home was at some unGodly hour this morning, but she remembered by obsession with all these chocolate and peanut butter... so, she left me a treat right by my oatmeal :)

I love you Jenny!!!!!! Especially since you sweetened up my morning with oatmeal + candy bars... only kidding.  I managed to save my candy bars for this afternoon.

So, once I went on an easy 6.5 mile run & attended my favorite abs and back class -- my mom was at my apartment, ready to get a jump start on our girl's weekend!

First up?  LUNCH
She wanted something healthy and warm.  So, I suggested Burma Superstar.  I figured we could split their famous Tea Leaf salad and a side of curry -- which is just what we did.

Tea Leaf Salad -- as seen on Food Network!

Pumpkin and Chicken Stew with Brown Rice! You know I love my Kabocha Squash...

My dining companion :)  she's a looker, huh?

Pumpkin stew with a side of "girl with no sense of color scheme or fashion" (hence, the plaid, the charcoal, and the brown knit scarf...)

My mom was kind enough to indulge my sweet tooth with a run to McDonalds for some vanilla softserve and HOT coffee!  You gotta find that balance, right?

So -- back to this weekend!

Our plans for the holiday?  Thanksgiving feast on Thursday - complete with a 13 pound turkey and all the traditional fixings - which will be spent with a few strays (grad students!) who are staying in the Bay Area instead of going home.  Football. Food. Friends!

In order to prepare for the Thanksgiving feast, we made a pit stop at Safeway. 
Holy mother of all things sacred... groceries galore.

After our semi-traditional part of Thanksgiving, we're straying from the norm.

No black Friday.

Friday to Sunday will be spent exploring Napa Valley, where we rented a room at the cutest B&B ever! I can't wait to check in :)  I expect tons of wine, cheese, long runs on the trails, and a few redwood forests -- keep a lookout for pictures!

I'll fill you in on some of the trouble we'll most likely get ourselves into!!
Hope you're spending it with loved ones -- I know I am. 

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