Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Omelettes and a Sense of Humor

Two things I love waking up to.

1. I ran out of oatmeal. I KNOW, you don't need to say it, we're all thinking it: "thank God, I'm sick of the million pictures of oatmeal, cereal, and almond milk.... there are only so many ways one can photograph mushy oats and make them look appealing and you've passed your quota"

2.  I was craving something SALTY.

3.  I love eggs. Usually, I prefer them in the form of a cupcake or french toast, but I guess an omelette will do...

4. I realize omelette and omelet are the same thing.  I'm sticking with the one that keeps showing up as a spelling error -- omelette, omelette, omelette. (do you know how much red is on my screen right now??!?!?)

Cinnamon & butter! on toasted multigrain bread.  

A massive omelette that only I could eat....
Lies, America has trained us all to handle situations when confronted with larger-than-life portions.

Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Feta cheese with a cup of Egg-Beaters, salt and pepper. 

Soo... remember when I was writing about human right and halloween candy for my midterm paper?  I thought it was a cool way to kick off a serious topic. Right?

Wrong.  b- for being "cheesy and insensitive"...

I moped around and called my mom, who said all the right things.  Most importantly, she said "you are you." damn straightI'm cheesy and, often times, insensitive due to my horrible sense of humor.  So, I'll keep being me (mostly because it keeps me entertained throughout the day)!  It's just a grade and I'm glad I stayed true to myself.



Time to go run :)

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