Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Prep!


I hope you're all surrounded by good friends, great family, and delicious food!  I also have one simple request from you: eat enough so some stretchy pants are required :)

What's on your plate for the day?

ANYWAYS, my Thanksgiving is off to a great start, continuing with all my silly adventures around the Bay with my mom.

Essentially, our first 24 hours of this holiday weekend have been spent eating, shopping, napping, and repeating -- and I fully intend on continuing this pattern for the next few days!

After coming back from our grocery excursion to end all excursions, we promptly snuggled up on the couch to watch Grey's Anatomy reruns and nap!

Once we regained our strength, we headed out to shop & stroll before stopping for dinner at a new Greek place that opened up

Mom is a huge fan of Greek food -- we went to Greece two summers ago and I swear she would have moved there just for the food! -- so our expectations were pretty high.  We decided to split an appetizer and two entrees (okay, and two desserts).

Appetizer:  The Meza Plate for Two: pita, hummus, babaganoush, falafel, dolmas, olives, and feta cheese with some fabulour spicy pepper and cilantro sauce!

True fact: it was Mom's first time trying falafels!!! My favorite fried chickpea balls?!?!  She fell in love.  Love at first bite.  I foresee tons of falafels in our future :)

Next up: Greek Salad topped with Gyros Meat and Mousaka with a side of brown rice. 

Oh my Lord -- that Mousaka (which is like a Greek lasagna with lamb meet and eggplant and cheese)!! I apologized to my mom because I hogged that dish.  It was so amazing.  So creamy.. I need to learn how to make this dish.  My eggplant never comes out like that :(

Mom with crazy eyes: it runs in the family.

And for dessert: homemade Baklava and Rice Pudding.
Enough said.

We left feeling satisfied -- but not totally stuffed.

Our goal this trip is to enjoy everything, but to not over-indulge and over-eat just because it's a holiday.  I want my new clothes to fit me after the weekend's over!

So, instead of stopping for a chocolate chip cookie, we did the next best thing: SHOP.

We goofed around before Lee came over to help us prep dishes for TODAY'S FEAST!
Since we're condemned to work within the small confines of my apartment.... we spread out our mess throughout the kitchen an the living room.  Hey, it works.

Lee couldn't figure out how to work my crazy can opener (thanks, Gram!!)... and he just got into some awesome medical schools.... yeah, I'm worried for the future of our medical profession, too.

Mom got to work on our healthy homemade stuffing -- tip: use Sara Lee's 45 Calorie Bread to replace your typical stuffing bread.  It cuts calories like NO OTHER.  And it tastes amazing. Why not, right?

I got to work on some healthy maple whipped sweet potato casserole and healthy buttermilk mashed potatoes with chives

The maple sweet potatoes are between 120-140 calories per 1/6th of the dish!
The buttermilk mashed potatoes are about 160 calories for 1/5th of the dish!

Not too bad, huh?

While our potatoes were getting acquainted with the boiling water, Lee popped open some wine while I started on some Skinny Pumpkin Pie
Mom asked me to calculate the nutrition facts for my healthy contributions: Pumpkin Pie is 140 calories for 1/8 of the pie! AND, it does not taste healthy, my friends. 

Lee's wine failure.
Between my mom, the rocket scientist, and Lee, the med student, they still couldn't figure it out.

Lee's true skills shined when he cut shapes into the leftover pie crust to decorate the top of our pumpkin pie!  Thank God he's good for something :)

How creative....

Our pie! Before going into the oven!

Oh, yeah... we mean business!!
Our little apartment smelled heavenly -- and it really got me excited for the feast, in just a few short hours!!

I'm meeting up with Lee for a little turkey trot before we start cooking up a storm!

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