Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'll Drink To That!!

Today was a day of celebrations!!

So... I'll drink to that!

translation: "drink" = eating massive quantities of delicious food with some of the greatest people in this world!

First reason to celebrate:
I finally conquered 13.4 miles!  Remember the last two times I attempted it?

Yepp, I had to lose my long sleeve shirt about three miles in because I was sweatin' like a beast and I reallyyyy didn't want to pass out before mile 5.  excuse my sweating disorder

Anyways, I'm chafing is more places than you can even imagine (butt cheeks?! and your under-boob?! I'm going to have to start getting creative with my anti-chafe gel... let's see how my roommate reacts when I ask for her to lube up my butt cheeks)

Second reason to celebrate: TOMMY'S BELATED BIRTHDAY!

Our newest 20 year old wanted to go to Umami Burger in the city, so I braved the heels and the cold weather and headed into San Fran after work.  

I had great company :) Annie and Tommy

Me & Lisa! (yes, I consider myself my own company... you'd be surprised at how easily I'm entertained by my own weirdness)

And James and Henry who are pictured a little bit later!

Well, Umami Burger was a failure, thanks to a 60 minute waiting list and 5 really hungry people who would have probably eaten each other before we got a table.  So, we walked a block down the street and stumbled across OSHA THAI restaurant!! One of my favorites in the city :)

Tommy, Annie, Lisa, Me, and James all had fun pairing up to place our orders.

Birthday boy and his thai iced tea!! those things are dangerously good.

James was my designated eating partner for the night.  He's super into eating healthy, indulging when you want, and exercising to stay sane (sound familiar?) so we synced up and indulged!

I ordered Veggie and Tofu Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce (in lieu of salad).

Tommy and Annie decided to "take a risk" and order the larb salad which was basically fermented meat on top of a bed of vinegar and lettuce.... we couldn't even smell the dish without gagging (I know, it was pretty bad) so they sent it back :(

Then, the main dishes!! Annie and I both got the Pumpkin Curry with Coconut Rice which we ordered the last time we went to Osha a few months back.  We've been craving it ever since!

James went splitsies with me on the curry and ordered a side of garlic pepper chicken which was just as delicious!!

Henry, James & I! Right before digging in!

Lisa got the pad thai which came with tofu, chicken, and shrimp! It was soooo goood! I might get her dish next time -- but, pumpkin curry will always have my heart.

So... we all know how you really have to celebrate a birthday

I know, it's crazy that after all that food we still had room to all order a huge sundae but... I mean... can you blame us?

Lisa and Henry split the paradiso sundae which came with vanilla ice cream, strawberry preserves, hot fudge and mounds of fluffy whipped cream!

Annie went with the Paradiso Sundae also, but instead of milk chocolate fudge she went for some dark chocolate action -- great choice!

James, my designated dessert partner, had issues decided between the peanut butter sundae and the warm brownie sundae... so we got both and split them!
We mean business.
Warm brownie sundae: scoops of french vanilla ice cream covered in hot fudge and topped with a double chocolate brownie, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry!

Peanut butter sundae: Scoops of french vanilla ice cream covered in chunky peanut butter and hot fudge. Topped with layers of whipped cream, more fudge, nuts, and a milk chocolate square. 

Tommy got a butterscotch sundae that went unpictured (by the time he started eating, we were all do transfixed by our own sundaes to snap pictures!)

We left no prisoners. 

It was truly an amazing night with amazing people.

After getting back from the City, we got a little weird.

Normal pictures were taken.

Crazy eye pictures were taken. 

Food coma pictures were taken. 

Lets all pile on top of Tommy while getting awkward back massages from Annie pictures were taken...

I blame the sugar.
Ghirardelli messes with your mind -- I mean, that's a plausible excuse, right?

I hope you're all having an amazing weekend!! Celebrate a little and get your ice cream sundae fix :) because I know you're all craving it after looking at those pictures!

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