Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Two-a-Days, Two Ways

Hey long lost friends....

I would normally apologize for being an absent blogger, but I've really had no choice.

It's official: school is kind of hard.  And it's starting to cut into all the important things in life, like blogging and getting frozen yogurt every single night.  Go figure.

I'm seriously starting to question why we pay thousands of dollars to put ourselves through all this stress! (I remember hearing something about "higher education" and "wisdom")

Anyways, two-a-days, two ways.

Yepp, I was kind of a repetitive person today.  And I'm so gladddd.... because I probably had one of the best sandwiches of my life!! As my stomach started growling in class, I spent the next two hours of lecture thinking about what I wanted for lunch.  One thing came to mind: tofu.

Weird, right?

Grilled tofu sandwich on multi-grain bread with Laughing Cow Lite Sundried Tomato and Basil Cheese, spinach, sweet yellow onion, grilled mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, and spicy brown mustard.

Ohhh yeahh... that's some grade-A food porn to add to your collection.  I was debating on if I wanted to toast the bread but I kind of have a thing for soft, doughy bread.  Call me crazy. 

To make: I simply threw two slices of extra-firm lite tofu on the George Foreman along with some sliced mushrooms.  Then I sliced up the tomatoes and yellow onion, spread on the laughing cow, the mustard, and threw on some spinach, and called it a day.

Let me tell you, this sandwich was not only delicious but it left me full for a good 4-5 hours (although I still snacked on some kettle corn, almonds, raisins, and chocolate chips around my usual snack time -- 3 o'clock).


I slaved away on my research paperS - yes, that would be plural.
And, of course, they're due on the same day. 

Then, someone got shot at our business school (where I had my lecture this morning) and thennn protests erupted all over campus..... then I cried.  Then I went to spin.

I basically wanted to show you what I work out in: a gorilla shirt that bears a strange resemblance to my own face... that's not embarrassing at all.

So, after I called my Dad this afternoon, he suggested I "buy dinner on him," meaning I got to treat myself to some soup for the soul... on his credit card!

After spin, I headed to Pho to get some Vietnamese noodle soup.

This is my meal of Tofu, take two. 

I opted for The Vegetarian and Tofu Pho with Soy Noodles.  Heavy on the bean sprouts, the lime juice, and the Siracha sauce :)  just the way I like it. 

Check out all those fresh veggies! It was perfect.
And I drank enough soup to satisfy a camel -- don't correct me if that makes absolutely no sense.

I waddled with a tummy full of soup, rice cakes and whipped cream, and hot chocolate, back to my room where I tried to concentrate on my second research paper. But, then I wanted a cookie.

I texted my sister about my dilemma:

"Sister, I want a chocolate chip cookie that's the size of my face, but I don't want to be pathetic and get out of bed and walk half a mile to get one... by myself"

"Do it!" she says.

"Already on my way out the door..."

It was, in fact, the size of my head. and I enjoyed every single bite.

You know how every single diet book or diet magazine tells you to practice mindful eating?  That is, being aware of what you put into your body, in order to avoid "mindless" eating?

Well, I practiced mindful eating alright.

About an hour after this cookie dilemma, I mindfully made the decision to meet up with a friend at the nearest cafe and eat another, equally delicious cookie. This time it was an oatmeal raisin - also the size of my face.

Yes, I just ate two cookies.  Yes, I "mindfully" made that decision.  Yes, I enjoyed them.

Soo... today, I needed two cookies.
Tomorrow, I'll probably need three. 

In a few days, you might have to wake me up from a sugar coma... Looking forward to it!

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