Friday, November 4, 2011

Reasons Why I LOVE Being Home.

I've finally mad it back to San Diego... usually it's "sunny San Diego" but I think I'm cursed and I brought rainy weather with me.  sorry, guys.

I don't especially care. It's raining, the fireplace is on, I'm still in my PJs... Life Is Good.

PS.  I decided to take another rest day just because. 
My heart, my mind, and my legs didn't feel like lacing up today.  Maybe my exercise guilt will kick in later and I'll get my sweat on -- but if not, looks like my ass isn't leaving this couch!

Reasons why I love being home:

1. My mom has a fully-stocked pantry and refrigerator that includes my missed-more-than-you-can-imagine bowl of oats!!! Also, at around 11 pm, I stumbled upon leftover cake, pie, and halloween candy... and then it stumbled into my stomach

2. I get to pretend to be all artistic and photograph my oatmeal next to some fake leaves.  Cool.

3. WE GOT THE KEURIG K-CUP and I had donut house cinnamon roll coffee this morning and I about peed myself.  Do you think I can convince her to let me take it back to school? 

4. They understand my constant need for coffee & all-thing caffeinated.  Yes, that is a seperate coffee pot full of Dunkin Donuts coffee... just in case you needed a quick fix while your k-cup is taking 30 seconds to brew.

LISA/ANNIE, if you're reading this... 1. we need to work out a system like this and 2. I'm trying chocolate cake donut coffee tomorrow morning.  I know....  

5. My mom subscribes to my favorite magazine. Any recipe that includes the words "simple" and "delicious" is probably right up my alley. 

6. I plan to take full advantage of the gloomy weather, the extra mouths, and the fully-stocked pantry to do a little baking :)

Exhibit A: miniature pumpkin pie.  HEALTHY too!

Exhibit B: Cheesy Bacon Bread... not-so-healthy-but-damned-if-I-care!


7. I have an excuse to be a lazy bum.

It's amazing when you start off your day in pajamas sooo you're pretty much exempt from doing anything remotely productive... who wants to guess that I'll start and end my day in the same outfit?

Guys, I love being home.

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