Saturday, November 19, 2011

Overworked and Overindulged

WOW. I've been missing in action for the past few days....
This week has been one of the busiest weeks of my life!

Thanks to the upcoming Thanksgiving break, all of our professors thought they would be kind and assign all the deadlines for our projects and papers before the break, so we could enjoy ourselves.  Good in theory.  Bad in practice.

This is what I've been doing instead of spending my valuable time with you guys --

No fun, huh?
In an effort to control my high levels of stress and my little to no sleep... I've been overindulging.

You guys know I have a sweet tooth that gets its way every night :) Howeverrrr -- my stress-induced cravings had me going on chocolate chip cookie binges, eating carrot cake like it was going out of style, and engaging in serious chocolate lava cake feasts

Okay, and maybe a few oatmeal raisin cookies snuck in there too....
Basically, anything that had chocolate or empty calories was consumed over the past 4 days. 

I enjoyed it :)
But, unfortunately, my tummy didn't.... I actually noticed that I had headaches and an upset stomach -- especially on my runs.  Lesson learned.


Last night - FRIDAY NIGHT - signaled the end of my hellish week so obviously I had to celebrate with some of my favorite people! 

We had two expectations for the kick off of our stress-free weekend:
- good food
- mindless entertainment

check and check!

Lee suggested heading to Buckhorn Grill for some quick, fast, and delicious food!
After yelping the restaurant, I knew it would work for me.

This was their wall decor:

They mean business!! Good stuff in big portions?  You know I'm always game for that! They're actually know for a mix between comfort food and healthy salads.  Also game for that! 

Lee ordered the tri-tip plate with mashed potatoes and gravy, mixed roasted veggies, corn on the cob, and cornbread.

Annie was kind enough to order us the Frings Platter for an appetizer!!  It was a combination of sweet potato fries (my favorite), roadside onion rings, and french fries.  The onion rings were also amazing!  Especially when dipped in that mystery sauce :)

Annie got the chopped cabo salad -- basically it was a fancy southwestern style salad with a whole avocado and a cool fried tortilla bowl! Lisa and I got the same thing -- the Yik Yak salad!

My ginormous salad: Yik Yak salad with tri tip and a honey basil vinaigrette.  Yum.  That's all I have to say!! I think it was supposed to be an asian-style salad, with wontons and a sesame dressing, but I went rogue and made it custom!

Dessert? Obviously.
We went to Teacake Bake Shop which is the cutest little bakery within walking distance of Buckhorn Grill.  Win win!  They had about amillion different cookie and cupcake options!

Pink Velvet cupcake and a Chocolate Chunk cookie

Annie and I split her dolce de leche cupcake and my pink velvet and I only ended up eating half of the chocolate chunk cookie -- looks like my sweet tooth may be subsiding!

Then we took a family photo in front of a Christmas tree made entirely out of shopping carts! Talk about consumerism in America -- I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Go figure.

We were scheduled to see the 8:35 showing of Twilight!!!!!!!!  SO, in order to kill some time, we walked into this ultra-cool candy shop.  No, I didn't buy anything.

Annie and I have decided we'll use the candy bras and thong to lure respectable boys into our homes... I'll keep you updated with that!!

So, the movie was pretty bad, but I loved it.  I'm a twihard


I'll keep this part short and sweet because I've already rambled enough....
that's what I get for being absent for practically a week!

Today: woke up.  Oatmeal.  Run.
13.5 miles.


1/2 a sweet potato, chopped sweet onion, a tomato, soy crumbles, broccoli, and mushrooms -- stir fried and topped with salt, pepper, and spinach!

There's no such thing as too much fiber
I'm off to work!!! 
I still have tons to catch you up on :)  

Have a great Saturday!!!!

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