Friday, November 11, 2011

I Just Signed Away My Life

Well, it was only a matter of time before this happened...

I'm  officially a registered runner in the San Diego Rock n Roll FULL MARATHON!!!
Right now, I feel like I just signed away my life.

Kind of like slavery.
But worse.
Okay, there goes my dramatic self again... but seriously.  Slave drivers didn't make innocent people run until their toenails fall off and their joints crack.

I'm my own slave driver.

Anyways, I'm beyond excited.  Contrary to my less-than enthusiastic tone, I cannot WAIT to run this! I've been trying to decide on if I actually wanted to make the commitment to run a marathon for awhile (pretty much since my sister ran the Philedelphia marathon last November...) so, here goes nothing!

You best believe she's running with me.
I wouldn't have signed up without her "nudge" of encouragement.


Okay ----- so, now that I have that to look forward to.... I supposed I can start carbo-loading now, right?  And by now, I mean last night. 

After finishing class at 6:45, I dug into my leftover salad from the other night (I know, it seriously takes 3 meals to finish that sucker!) and then met up with my loves - Annie and Lisa - for some froyo!

I got the exact same frozen yogurt as last time:

Death by chocolate, French Vanilla, Taro, and Red Velvet Cake froyo topped with crushed oreos, captain crunch, and diced almonds.

Then, while we were catching up with all the dramas from our day, I asked Lisa if I could bully her into getting cake after we finished our yogurt.  We had been talking about the deliciousness of carrot cake over texts all afternoon, so I had to have it.

We walked to a nearby cafe and Lisa and I split a slice of ...

Apple Pie filled with freshly sliced apples and topped with crumbles!

and a slice of Carrot Cake.

The carrot cake really hit the spot -- you can't go wrong with moist cake and cream cheese frosting!  And we both agree the apple slices in the apple pie were delicious.  Plus, it made us feel healthier :) since the pie was basically apples.... and crumble topping and thick, buttery crust. 

Then, I told them that tonight was one of those nights.  Those nights when your stomach transforms into a bottom-less pit and your sweet tooth just can't be satisfied.

They said they wouldn't judge me ---- so... we walked to yet another cafe to get a chocolate chunk cookie that was the size of my head.  I only gave 1/5 to Lisa and basically inhaled the rest.

Of course, we walked back to their apartment to be "productive" on our pseudo-Friday night, since today is Veteran's Day, and then....

We melted chocolate.
We took out a jar of nutella.
We took out a jar of peanut butter.
We popped a bag of popcorn.
We grabbed the bag of Trader Joe's Honey Wheat Pretzels.
We grabbed the Cinnamon Sugar rice cakes.

and turned into monsters.
Everything got dipped into everything and no combination went untried. 

I seriously ate until my tummy hurt.

And my stomach actually did hurt... maybe I'm losing my stamina!  I'll have to start training for these dessert-filled nights so I can hold my own :)

Anyways, at many points throughout the night I kept annoying my lady friends with worries about over-eating and totally over-indulging and they said:

1. I deserve it, I don't eat like this all the time
2. It's totally normal and they would never judge me
3. You can't turn down a jar of Nutella.....

True life: I'm addicted to Nutella.

Basically, I woke up this morning with a tummy ache and all I wanted was something salty. I think I maxed out on my sugar quota for the week next 12 hours. 

Toasted everything bagel thin with swiss laughing cow lite and egg beaters. 

After my stomach settled down (and I made a few trips to the porcelain throne), I was ready to run!
Taking a rest day yesterday really helped my mojo today!

It was drizzling! which you KNOW is my favorite weather to run in, so I set off with no goals in mind. 

After 10.8 miles, I realized that I had a meeting to get to, so I called it quits.  I literally felt like I could have run forever, but I'll save something for tomorrow's run.

Anywayssss -- sorry this post was so long!
I just have so much to say :)

Happy Friday!

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