Monday, December 12, 2011

2 Salads and Some Salmon


Today officially marks that first day of finals week 2011, baby.  
We should make t-shirts.

Don't worry, I've been studying and going easy on the "bang your head against a wall" habit that I've developed :) gotta love finals week!!

Thanks to my weird coping mechanisms for dealing with high stress levels, I've been running and eating my heart out.  You would think my first instinct would be to crawl under the covers with a jar of peanut butter (okay, maybe that happened...) but I just can't sit still.

Case in point: My Saturday looked a little like this -- run 16 miles. Work. Dinner and dessert with my great friend -- LEE!!  Troy's Greek Cuisine.

We split the appetizer platter (the top photo) and then we divided and conquered the rest of the menu :) Lee ordered this amazing lamb and Gyros wrap, while I opted for a Greek salad topped with chicken souvlaki.  Salads always test better when somebody else makes them for you (I'm pretty sure that's Newton's 4th law) -- and I rarely have that much tender meat!  YUM!

Then we got froyo with all the fixins - study fuel.  Duh.


My Sunday looked a little like this: Work. Nap. Study. Run 12.5 miles.  Dinner with Lee (again!) and studying... again.

I told Lee I start getting all clingy when I start stressing -- so I basically glued myself to him for the past 48 hours.  Poor guy... 

We had plans to go for vegetarian/vegan Japanese food - then Lee mentioned Barney's Gourmet Burgers and I was SOLD.

I went with yet another salad beast -- Grilled veggie salad topped with cranberries and sunflower seeds and a Vegan Garden Patty.  SO GOOD.

But the best part?  Carrot cake which I didn't share with Lee. 


Okay, it's the last day before my finals start -- politcal psych tomorrow!! -- and I decided to go heavier on the studying, less on the running, and less on the eating out.

You know when you eat out, you start getting into that rut where ALL you want to do is go out for dinner??  (and dessert)... Well, today I decided to break that streak with a delicious homecooked meal.  This is just what I needed.

I woke up went to work (surprise, surprise), grabbed lunch and napped before hitting the books again!  Psychology and Arabic x 10.

I went on an easy 5 mile run -- all bundled up with long sleeves, sweats, and gloves! -- then hit the gym for a 20 minute elliptical sesh & some stretching :)  Love a good sweat!

On the menu for tonight's homecooked meal?  

Salmon and Quinoa With Veggies.

I marinated the salmon with salt, pepper, garlic salt, and lemon juice - EASY!
Then popped it in the oven at 425 for about 12-15 minutes.

While this was cooking, I sauteed some chopped crimini onions, spring onions, and broccoli. 

Cooked up 1/3 cup of quinoa with some Better Than Bouillon chicken stock in a cup of water.

Added the quinoa to the veggies and sauteed it all with some soysauce, salt, and pepper for few minutes and served it with my perfectly baked salmon!

It was perfect.

And packed with protein!!
I'm about to curl up with some flashcards and maybe an episode of Gilmore Girls.

Stay tuned with more updates on FINALS HELL and some delicious recipes :)

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