Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Say Goodbye, I Say Hello!


Yesterday (Saturday) was officially the first day of my winter break - and the last day in my cozy little campus town.... After all the craziness of finals, I was almost sad to leave!

But... let's be honest.  Home > School, any day of the week.

So, around 8 am I set off on a run and for once, I wasn't in the mood for any of my normal routes.  I decided to hit the trails (for the first time this year!) and take an easy recovery run through the hills.  Beautiful 10 mile loop and then an extra 1.5 through the campus just to say goodbye.

I started questioning my own sanity during the run: why don't I run on trails more often?!?! It was a gorgeous run and a gorgeous start to my day :)

I met up with Annie - we were the only ones left in town! - and we ran some errands and grabbed lunch before browsing around a little arts & crafts fair.

Check out my perfect sign: THE SEVEN PERSONALITY TRAITS OF CASEY. 

Unfortunately for my mom (who received a hysterical phone call), my taxi cab driver (who I threatened on multiple occasions), and the poor woman behind the ticket counter at the airport (who almost lost an eyeball when she told me I had to put tags on my bags).

I was heavy on the bitchy and the psycho...

It was a quick 80 minute flight down to SAN DIEGO, BABY!!! And I was lucky enough to be seated next to my friend on the flight! We chatted the whole way and time flew by... I also managed to convince him to sign up for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon with me!


I FINALLY GOT TO MEET ARNIE! My mom's brand new boy toy...! I felt like I already knew him, from all the great stories I've heard from my momma.  She's a happy one :) So Arnie and I clicked immediately.  Plus, one of his first questions was, "we're should we eat?" followed by "so, I made some honey orange blossom cheesecake with biscotti crust."

Um, he's a foodie.  And I think we'll get along jusssstttt fine.
We only had an hour to kill before SISTER ARRIVED FROM HAAARRVARD so we just picked up a gourmet me a la Yan Can at the airport.

Chinese Chicken Salad with Thai Peanut Sauce on the side.


Want to know why I love my sister so very much?
She hand carried six different kinds of cannolis from Mike's Pastry in Boston, to DC, to San Diego!!! OH MY GOD. OH MY GAGJOIDJF. 

Types: Mint chip, Hazelnut, Chocolate Amaretto, Caramel Pecan, Florentine (which tastes like a peanut butter toffee cannoli), and Strawberry! 

I demolished them.

We hung out around the house, caught up a bit, watched One Day -- saddest movie ever alive, thanks for that Mom -- and then fell asleep on the couch :) love being home!


This morning, we all woke up around 7 -- busted out the Keurig COFFEE MACHINE
AKA: the only reason I come home to visit  :)

I'm obsessed.  Chocolate Glazed Donut Coffee?  Uh.... yes, please.

And I made a batch of Whole Wheat Vanilla Pancakes with Blueberries! And tons of maple syrup and whipped cream, just because.

Arnie took a blueberry to the shirt... those things are real squirters... watch it.

Now we have a bomb Christmas playlist and we're all MACing it up on our laptops doing various activities ranging from completely unproductive (Sister is facebook stalking....) to semi-productive (I'm blogging!) to productive (Mom is doing some work). 

Brother just got home so I'm off to hang out and go for a family run!!


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