Thursday, December 15, 2011

If You Could Hear What I've Been Thinking...

You would probably jump off of a cliff. 
I've actually lost the ability to form proper sentences.... finals have used up all my available cognitive capacity and I am now reverting back kindergarten (back when things made sense).

Tuesday: Political Psych final from 3-6 pm.
My Thoughts:
- "Why would they plan a final right before dinner time... I'm going to confuse schema-based processing with spaghetti and meatballs"
- "Casey... you're like 3 pages ahead of the person next to you.  Either you're a genius and your kicking ass, or your actually getting all the wrong answers and you should probably start over.  OR you're sitting next to a complete moron...."
- "Why are there more than 3 pages on a test in the first place?"
- "I hope my grader has a sense of humor... I'm not sure how well sarcasm is interpreted on final exams.  They should really provide snacks to curb the slightly critical comments...."

My meal after the test: Indian feast!

I met up with Annie and Lisa who had a 3-6 pm final too... and we were famished.  Annie is a plant biology and something with microscopes major so I asked her why people get super hungry during tests -- apparently brains account for 20% of your metabolic rate.

Roti!! A whole-wheat, oven-baked Indian flat bread.  Really similar to Naan.  

Aloo Gobi: curried cauliflower and potato dish -- extra spicy!

My thoughts after our Indian feast:
- "I hope the curry sits well during my 11 am final tomorrow, otherwise that lecture hall will have to be fumigated and I'll have a lot of explaining to do"
- "I should probably start studying Arabic... I wish I knew how to say f. my life"


If it ain't broke don't fix it!

Blueberry whole wheat pancakes have been my breakfast before every final this semester. I'm hoping it's good luck or something, but I guess I'll find out in a few weeks.  Until then I'm sticking with it -- something about wishful thinking?

Arabic final: 11:30 to 2:30
My thoughts during the test:
- "Say whaaaaat?"
- "I wish they would have at least put the friggin' directions in English... assholes"
- "I hope my teacher is cool with the fact that I wrote my entire composition about how I'm only friends with this girl to date her brother.... truth is, I couldn't remember any other useful vocabulary so I had to get creative"
- "It takes me 5 minutes to switch my brain from English to three dots and a squiggle. I'm wasting some valuable time... "

My meal after the final: SUBWAY!! 

Foot long veggie delight on honey oat with every veggie you could possibly imagine, grow, and/or genetically modify!!!!!

My thoughts the rest of the day:
- "I should probably skip my workout and be more productive.  Productive is now code word for study with friends, watch Elf, and eat an entire box of honey bunches of oats"
- "Honey bunches of oats should be added to the Illegal Narcotics FDA list.... shits addicting"


I'll spare you the picture of my blueberry pancakes.
Mostly because it was raining and dark outside when I was eating them.  Thank you, 6:45 am wake-up call.  Thank you, 8 am final.

Today's final: Empirical Methods and Quantitative Reasoning 8-11 am.
Yeah, I should have known by the title not to take the class.

My thoughts during the test:
- "Bivariate regression would be the first question... they're trying to weed out the losers so they don't have to grade as many exams"
- "YOU MOTHER ******** Why don't you take the regression line and shove it up your _ _ _ "
- "I guess I'm not a morning person on exam days.... sorry"
- "Should peed before I left this morning.  Probably shouldn't have had 3 1/2 cups of coffee"

What I did after the test:

9 miles before meeting up with Lisa to do 5 more miles to Indian Rock!!!
8:30 pace.

Sometimes your butt just needs to be kicked to take the pain away from your brain.

What I ate for dinner:
Soy noodle bowl with way too many veggies to count. Sweet potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, mushrooms, onions, broccoli, soy noodles with marinara sauce!

My thoughts right now:
- "Good thing you haven't written a word on that document titled Peace and Conflict Final Paper that's floating in the background of your screen... due tomorrow"
- "My roommate bought me a bag of dark chocolate kisses for my birthday and I think I love her!!!!!!!!!"

Off to write that paper!! Then home!!!!!! Catch yaaaa soon :)
I'll try to keep my thoughts in order until then

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