Friday, December 23, 2011

Exercise Addict?

I was reading through some old articles that I had book marked and I stumbled across a FitSugar article about Excercise Addiction.  

Basically, the signs of being an addict include:
  • The intensity, duration, and/or frequency of your workouts are above and beyond the recommended 30 minutes a day.
  • You're compulsive about getting in a workout, regardless of other commitments, the weather, or personal pains or injuries.
  • You're fanatical about keeping track of your progress (distance, calories burned, mileage, etc.) in an exercise journal, and are obsessive about meeting or exceeding goals that are often above your physical abilities.
  • You feel guilty or anxious when you miss a workout, and beat yourself up about it.
  • You constantly talk, read, research, and think about exercise.

Well, shoot.  I thought I was in the clear with the "obsessive exercise journal" bit but then I realized I have a blog with my daily workouts posted... I guess I'm an addict.

The plus?  I'm also addicted to carrot cake and cookies so it all works out.

Anyways, last night we had our friend Sue over for a healthy and delicious dinner + some Christmas present exchanging! 

I whipped up some Quinoa Fried Rice with onions, zucchini, and mushrooms.

Mom contributed some Maryland Crabcakes -- made with a recipe using her MediFast Maryland Crab Soup + two cans of crab meat.  They passed the taste test (but nothing holds a candle to Truluck's crab cakes!!)

She also made some amazing Tillapia with Chili Sauce that paired perfectly with my fried quinoa. 
Who said eating healthy can't be fun?

For dessert, I made some Pumpkin Pie Pudding that we all topped with whipped cream and FiberOne Honey Grahams cereal -- it was a hit!  It definitely tastes like crust-less pumpkin pie.

I also finished off the Truluck's carrot cake we had leftover (I know, it took me two whole days!)

Earlier in the day, Sister and I took our puppies on a walk around the "hood."  We live in a gorgeous "hood," and we never really appreciated it until we went off to college and realized how great it is to be back at home!


And the sun was setting.... which made for some breathtaking views :) No, not of my sister.  Of the scenery.  Although, she's kind of a looker? I guessssss. 

The puppies -- Tycho and Copper! They're the real cuties in the family.

San Diego in the winter time... gotta love it.


Today can best be described as random.

Sister and Mom had to be productive members of society and go to work (lame), so I decided to be productive and go for a run/tan/read my book/nap.

Sister wanted to go running around 1, when she got back, so I decided to do a two-a-days workout!  Ran 7.6 miles in the am/ 5.5 in the pm.  Andddd after reading that exercise addiction article, I feel like a freak... 

Still enjoying the nanner, crunchy pb, kix, and almond milk!

Apparently out of Mickey's ass.
Go figure.

This is what I'm currently doing:


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