Sunday, December 25, 2011

Jesus Christ & Rock Music


I loooveee Christmas.  I love it.

Workout: 9.7 miles around the neighborhood. killer hills. 
Yesterday was Christmas Eve (in case you weren't aware...) so to get us in the holiday spirit, we got all dolled up and headed to La Jolla Playhouse to see Jesus Christ Superstar -- one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpieces :)

We were rockin' the matching Christmas necklaces -- you know the cheesy ones the annoyingly jingle every time you walk....

Our play was at 2 o'clock, so we left early to grab lunch on the way!
I chose Croutons for our pre-theatre meal

There are a million different salad, sandwich, and soup options, but in the end, I decided to get the Santa Fe Salad: mixed baby greens & romaine, topped with granny smith apple, onions, smoked gouda, sweet corn, and cornbread croutons with fat-free ranch.

I'm a crouton addict, it's official.  Cornbread croutons are genius!
They also had some cool pita croutons, wanton croutons, garlic and herby ones.... it was magical.

We grabbed coffee and dark chocolate tjoe's pretzels before taking our seats.  Overall, it was a great play -- the music was amazing, the acting was phenomenal, anddd the choreography was INSANE!  The only thing Sister and I had issues with was watching Jesus get crucified on stage... with rock music blasting in the background. Hmmm...

It was a gorgeous 70 degrees, so we took advantage and soaked up the sun. Grams & Mom!

Mom and Sister

Sister and ME!  She looks like a dwarf... a cute dwarf, though

Family picture -- generations of fabulous ladies!


Going on a quick and easy run with Sister before heading to the beach to hike with the family!
Then, coming home to prep for Christmas dinner:
- Beer can Turkey (made by Gram)
- Uncle Jim's Artisan Bread (made by Mom)

Check out what I have planned for my additions to Christmas dinner:

Vegetable Tian with Parmesan

And Apple Pies! 

OH!  Last bit of news: my baby brother just got his first college letter -- early acceptance into the Honors Mechanical Engineering program! So proud of you brotato chip!!!!! 


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