Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I have a new obsession (....besides cookies, pumpkin pudding, and carrot cake) -- running with friends!! It's seriously addicting.

I don't know why it's taken me so long to figure this out!
I used to get really nervous running with people (other than Sister, because running with her is basically like running with a duplicate version of myself.... think Casey 2.0)

However, I've been getting requests from some friends and coworkers to take them on some sweet runs -- and I'm hooked!  It's amazing how fast a few miles fly by when you have good company
(hey, Michelle, I mean you!)

Anyways, more on that later.

For dinner...and lunch.... I've been enjoying the typical Salad Beast. I picked up a bunch of fun ingredients which has kept me craving salads in mixing bowls like no other!

In the mix: chopped romaine, Trader Joe's Veggie Harvest Medley (broccoli, baby corn, watercress, mushrooms, carrots, and peppers), Trader Joe's Veggie Masala Burger, Soy Crumbles, fat-free feta cheese, and tomatoes. About a dash of cilantro-lime dressing! 

Yeah, I realize it looks like veggies on top of veggies... you so smart.

I think my body has grown accustom to massive quantities of fiber... and I've already googled "can you overdose on vegetables?" The answer is no. Soo I think we're safe.

And for dessert --
I actually took a picture of my pumpkin pie pudding!!
I topped it with Fiber One honey grahams, fat-free cool whip, and sugar-free chocolate sauce.

Okay, it doesn't look like Oprah's version (the photo I stole yesterday..) but I bet my version tasted ten times better.  (She didn't top hers with crumbled peanut butter cookies - which are hidden in there somewhere)

So, besides eating.
And running...

This has been occupying my life recently:

True story: Pandora Christmas station makes you less likely to want to jump off a cliff while studying for finals.  Also, they put in this annoying feature that makes you click a button every like 20 minutes -- I like to think it keeps me on my toes.... God forbid I don't push the button and the music stops playing.

OKAY back to way more entertaining things -- like sunset runs to Indian Rock with one of my best friends!!! 

Lisa, who is a gym regular and my buddy for abs & back, has been a treadmill runner... until today.  I texted her "HEY!!!! WANT TO DO AN EASY 2-3 MILER AND THEN TAKE A WALK?!?!" 

She's not an outdoor runner.  But her reply?
"Ahh... you intimidate me.  But okay!!!" win for Casey.  
and a win for Lisa (she just didn't know it yet).

I did a quick 4 miles before grabbing Lisa and heading out to one of my favorite destinations: Indian Rock.  It's a 5-6 mile loop -- but she was up for it.  

This is actually the first time I've ever run to the Rock while it's light out -- and we timed it perfectly so we got to see the sunset!! gorgeous, huh?  Lisa and I easily chatted for the 5 miles and before we knew it we were done.  We kept a 9:30 min/mile pace and Lisa kicked some major ass.

Which means... I might get a regular running partner :)
My secret plan: tell her we're running 2-3 miles every time and eventually... we'll be running 15 milers and she'll have no clue.  Yes, I'm manipulative. I'm sure you're all glad you don't live near me.

SO, it was a great day.

And I'm hoping it'll be a good night -- hittin' the books with my Pandora station!

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