Friday, December 9, 2011

Maintaining My Sanity

Well, if you had to guess where I've been recently.... 

a) library
b) cafe
c) beating my head against a wall
d) all of the above

Seriously, that would probably be the only question I got right if I were forced to take a final this very second.  If I got any question that starts with calculate the bivariate regression model.... I would probably drop the f-bomb and draw a smiley face.

Anyways, I apogolize.
'tis the season -- for finals week craziness.

What have I been eating/doing/preoccupying myself with?

OKAY -- when I was all into calorie counting (aka the dark ages), I gave up peanut butter because I considered it to be both too dangerous (addicting) and too high in calories to keep in my room.  HOWEVER, it has some major health benefits and it's kind of delicious.

I recently re-discovered my love for peanut butter (thanks, Annie and Lisa...) and I've taken to making endless peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on whole wheat english muffins that are all warm and melty from the convection oven.  I've also started dipping everything that isn't bolted down into that peanut butter jar (rice cakes, cookies, pretzels, peanuts... almonds... crackers).

Also, my favorite food that never fails to comfort me and make me happy:

Good old fashioned bowl of oats, made on the stove top, of course.  I'm kind of elitist about my oatmeal.... it's stove or bust.  Maple oats topped with almond milk, bananas, and fiber one honey graham cereal.


Yesterday, I texted Annie to meet up at a nearby cafe for a study session.

Obviously, after 3 hours of talking/eating macaroons/and mindlessly plowing through lecture slides and sample questions... our minds turned to dinner.

We had time to kill before our date with LISA at House of Curries so we popped into a vegan bakery along the way....

Best thing ever invented?  Desserts that double as your appetizer.

Annie is gluten-intolerent, so she opted for the ooey gooey brownie (gluten free and vegan) and an oatmeal raisin cookie (wheat-free and vegan). Ummmm probably one of the best brownies I've ever had!! And of course, leave it to Annie to pick out the healthiest desserts in the cafe. 

I, on the other hand, am NOT gluten-intolerant... so I rolled with something a little different:
Vegan snickerdoodle and a "Tollhouse" chocolate chip and walnut cookie. HOLY CRAP.  BOTH COOKIES WERE AMAZING.  I kept telling myself the vegan cookie was healthy because it was, well, vegan... yeah, just go with it. 

Oh, did I mention they were freakishly large?  Like two would have satisfied my sweet tooth... that's how big they were :)  Of course, we only nibbled and packed up the rest for after dinner -- and to share with Lisa because she couldn't miss out on the pastry action.

We ran down to House of Curries because it was freezing.  Nothing like some hot curry to warm your body and soul, right??

I went with the Aloo Gobi & a side of Roti (whole-wheat, lighter version of naan).

There is something about Indian food that seriously cures anything yaaa got.
Stress?  Sore throat?  Frozen fingers? 

I'm going to stop paying for medical insurance and sign up for the "Indian buffet" medical plan instead.  I hope it covers car accident injuries and mushy-brain syndrome....

I'll leave you with the two thoughts that keep popping into my mind:


Happy Friday everybody :) Go enjoy the weekend for me!

SIDE NOTE -- killer 9 mile run with Michelle this morning!! Nothing like banging out a sweet, hilly run before 9 am!!! Lace up your shoes and try it.

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