Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I'M FINALLY BACK! and I don't know where to start....

I mentioned (last WEDNESDAY) that I was starting to get a little sick. Well, long story short, this last week has been spent in bed with a fever/coughing up a lung.  It's been bad.

BUT I still would have blogged.  rain or shine... in sickness and in health.
In my state of near-death, I made a cup of tea.  Which then spilled in my bag on my way to work... all over my new MacBook Pro.  I cried.  I died a little inside.... you know how it goes.

It's broken.  It's being repaired.

I think dad's are the world's greatest invention because my dad has been on the phone with me either giving me advice about motrin vs. advil, mucinex vs. sudaphed or trying to fix my old laptop so he can ship it out to me while my new/broken one gets repaired.  I'm so blessed.  I think secretly the man upstairs knew I wouldn't survive without an extra-strength, 24-hr DAD by my side to bail me out.

Anyways.  I've been living off of carbs - when you're sick you don't want salads.  We're talking bread and butter, oatmeal, leftover pizza, sandwiches... but here are some of my comfort food eats:

Aloo Gobi - a vegan curried cauliflower and potato dish - extra spicy & Roti - a whole-wheat baked bread (similar to naan)

Middle Eastern Plate - pomegranate chicken, levantine wrap, cinnamon chicken filo dough wrap, cheese and spinach filo dough wrap, double salad, fruit and cheese, and hummus.
No, I haven't been eating out every meal...
But these are the highlights from the last week! and I wanted to share them with you!


Normal blogging returns: 
Tuesday eats and activities!

I woke up super early because I needed to run - but I always need to eat - so I had a really basic bowl of oats.  1/2 cup of rolled oats topped with 1/2 a banana, some chopped pecans, and some blueberries.

Back-to-the-Basics Oatmeal

While I've been sick, I've taken it really light on the workouts (although probably not as light as I should have... my parents are probably reading this and pulling out their hair).  However, I'm on the mend.  And yesterday, for some unknown reason, my body woke up at 6 am and wanted to run!  It was strange.  

I did a super relaxed 8 miles, not worrying about time or pacing, and listened when my body decided it was tired and headed back home.  I'm not pushing my luck!

Important updates from the first two weeks of the second semester - there are cute guys in every single one of my lectures.  I "broke the chair I was sitting in" and had to move to the chair next to a fine gentleman in my Public Opinion lecture.  Lovely. 

Arabic is ridiculous, nothing new there.  It's crazy how much you can forget when you take a month off of all brain activities.... winter break, you kill me. 

Keeping with my weird I'm-sick-so-I-eat-what-I-want cravings, I had....
Open-faced egg over easy with a chicken dog sandwich.
 Also, I'm not sure if this is an amazing or a horrible thing... but I recently discovered the beauty of buying a bag of "day-old donuts" at our local donut hole-in-the-wall and I've been buying buttermilk donuts and saving them in a container to nibble on every day....

I was craving quinoa.  I'm not sure why...
I was also craving something creamy.

So I made a Creamy Vegetable Quinoa Bowl

it was delicious.
I'm going to work out the kinks in the recipe and share it with you -- just imagine a risotto-esque flavor and texture?  It was good!

Anyways, I'm glad to be back and blogging.
Mostly, I'm glad that I'm not dead.
MORE mostly, I'm so glad I have an amazing dad.  


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