Saturday, January 14, 2012

Beach & Pizza

I had a delicious Friday!
I already shared some of my eats with you.... hello, that trifle?  Guess how much is left now.

My day started off with an easy - I mean, super easy - run on the beach.  I wasn't worried about speed, distance, or time... I just ran and enjoyed the waves and the sun.  6 miles later, I headed back to the car and headed straight for the grocery store :)

You know that rule, never shop while you're hungry?  It's a rule for a reason.

I picked up all the ingredients for a make-your-own-pizza night... completely random, as I've never done this before.  I picked up both english muffins and bagels... I was craving carbs.  And I bought two jars of pickles?  I have no explanation for this.

I couldn't decide on what toppings I wanted on my bagel, so I ended up cutting it into 4 and making each piece its own special creation.

I went with fat free cream cheese as my base.  Then, from left to right, we have a raspberry jam bagel, a bruscetta bagel, an avocado/salt/pepper bagel, and a mustard and hot sauce bagel.... each combination was amazing. Seriously. Even that hot sauce one.

The bagels?  I stumbled upon Perfect 10 bagels from The Western Bagel (well-known for their Alternative Bagel brand).  140 calories, 10 grains... delicious and FULL SIZED.  Not like those little minis.

I also had a nanner with pb and almond milk. These bagels were so good, I had one for my snack.

I would have probably made another two for dinner, if it wasn't for the make-your-own-pizza ingredients that I just had to have.

After "taste testing" the banana trifle about 6 times... I'm surprised I still wanted dinner.
HA kidding I always want dinner.  Especially if it's pizza.

I had my gram as my sous chef, so she chopped up some yellow squash, zucchini, red and yellow peppers, onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms for our veggie pizza!

I used a whole-wheat Bobolli, thin crust and topped it with pizza sauce, fat-free mozzarella, and enough vegetables to feed an army of rabbits... VEGGIE DELIGHT! 


The leftover pizza toppers were thrown onto a bed of romaine and spinach, topped with and italian balsamic and some ripe avocados.

10 minutes later.  This glorious thing popped out.

I made sure to sautee the squash before baking the pizza, in case they didn't cook all the way through. I had raw pizza toppers.... another lie, I would eat anything if it was on top of a pizza crust.

My plate:

A little red pepper flakes for some kick, and I was in heaven.

I love how my plate looks like a pile of vegetables... little do they know that cheesy carbs lurk underneath.  I'm telling you, if you're trying to incorporate more veggies into you or your family's diet, pizza is the way to go.  It was cheap, made in under 15 minutes, and SO tasty.

Pizza night will be a regular thing from now on.
I'll need to start getting creative with toppings... Any suggestions?

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