Monday, January 9, 2012

Run, Food, Hike, Food!

Sounds like my kind of day, doesn't it?
Well happy Monday to you all!  I hope you enjoyed every last second of you weekend - I know I did!

Plus, let's be honest, any weekend that is filled with family, food, and a little bit of exercise (here and there) is right up my alley.

Yesterday morning, my dad and I suited up for a little jog-o-rama! Dad is signed up to run a half marathon in March (courtesy of Sister as a Christmas present!), so we both agreed it was time to take advantage of the weather and start training.

The thing about running with people?  Time just flies by!  after about 3.5 miles, Dad peeled off to head home and I headed out to finish up with 9 miles.  I actually ran without music for most of the way, which was a different experience.  Who knew I had thoughts to entertain myself?

We showered and zipped out the door to pick up one of my favorite meals: PHO NOODLE SOUP! I don't care how "unseasonable warm" 50 degree weather is... it's still cold.  and I want soup.

We started off with some Summer Rolls which come with this peanut sauce that is basically as good as crack - or any other drug that is equally addicting...

And then I got some Tofu Pho Noodle Soup which was bomb.  It came with two types of tofu, rice noodles, ands delicious light broth. I added some veggies for color and crunch :)

OH and Dad's been on my case about eating more meat (apparently I'm not carnivorous enough for the family...!) so I added some beef balls -- no clue if this is actual meat... but I figured it counts

After lunch, we threw together a snack pack and put on our hiking gear!  It's been super nice (for winter on the East coast) weather, so we headed to Great Falls National Park to get some exercise!

Nelly was the photographer... so you'll see a lot of ass pictures.
What can I say, she likes my behind...

So, funny thing.
We were pretending to hang off a cliff and take "help me I'm falling" pics... and then I actually got stuck.  The thing about posing for these cliff hanger pics?  You should probably make sure there is a ledge beneath your feet, otherwise this happens:

Dad to the rescue!


After our hike - about 2.7 miles??  - we made pit stops at Harris Teeter's and Trader Joe's to pick up some ingredients for a delish and healthy dinner.

We snacked heavy on freshly baked bread and 4 kinds of cheeses! before relaxing a little and then making dinner.  By "making dinner," I mean Dad and Nelly cooked while I napped on the couch.

On the menu:
Dad's Garlic and Ginger Shrimp with Scallions! sooooooo... soooo good. He's asian so he's got the Wok thing down pat.

Fresh Salmon with Cilantro -- super easy and always tasty.

Swiss Chard with Pancetta and Garlic.  YUM! Instead of boiling the swiss chard, Nelly broke out the Wok and steamed/stir fried it up.

Butternut Squash: we steamed it and then each of us prepared it on our plates the way we like it (they did Tumeric and I did butter and cinnamon)

TJOES Lentils - perfect.  Pick these up for easy, on-the-go dinners!

MY PLATE (one of like 10.. give or take)

Dad also mentioned that Trader Joe's Pumpkin Pie is the best he's ever had...
And so we obviously had to try it out.

They weren't kidding!  THE CRUST ITSELF IS TO DIE FOR!

But the pumpkin pie filing was spot-on!  It was in the freezer section and I'm pretty sure I'll never try another pie again... well maybe I'll try them (I can't discriminate, this is an equal opportunity blog) BUT this is by far my favorite.

That was our fun and fit Sunday!
Hope your weekend was great too :)

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