Sunday, January 8, 2012

Georgetown and Kids' Night

Hey guys!  Hope you're having an amazing weekend!
I know I am -- which is why I've been kind of absent.  It's been non-stop! Just the way I like it.

Let's just say my Friday involved Potbelly - only the best sandwich place ever - and outlet mall shopping, which is kind of the greatest thing ever invented.

Anyways, I've been eating my way through the East coast and enjoying some family time.

Before I fill you in on Georgetown and Kids' Night, I need to do some honorable mentions:
Dad's leftover Pasta with Duck L'Orange, Shrimp, Garlic, and White Wine.  

My dad is an excellent cook, and he's even better at revamping leftovers! I served a small portion on top of a huge bed of arugala and mixed greens - this is my trick for lightening up any dish.  The pasta acts as a great salad topper, and you won't feel weighed down from eating a huge plate of carbs !

New ankle boots - my latest obsession.



Yesterday, I started off with a family-fun workout.  I went for an 8 mile run and then ran to the gym to meet up with my dad for a yoga session.  It felt great to get a good stretch!

We had a quick lunch (egg & canadian bacon sandwiches plus leftovers!) and then headed out to Georgetown to walk around and enjoy some super warm weather!  60 degrees in January?!

I love the vibe of the city!  There were tons of younger folk running around (seriously, tons of runners out there!) and there was a cool mix of high-end shops and old vintage boutiques.

I could definitely move here...
Especially since there was frozen yogurt involved and a trip to Dean and Deluca's!

We stopped to refuel with a sandwich and some coffee!

ALSO, I got a present: The Athlete's Palate!
If any of you read the column in Runner's World, it features tons of great recipes that target an athlete's needs - specifically for training and for recovery.

The recipes come from some super famous chefs too AND are low in calories but high in nutrients!

Yum, huh? I can't wait to dig into this.

Anyways, as soon as I got home, I was off to pick up my cousins and head over to Austine's (our other cousin's) apartment for some Kids' time -- fun without parents! Austine is RECENTLY ENGAGED and she's kind of a blast to hang out with....

We snacked on veggies and yogurt dip, then ordered Domino's while watching Despicable Me!

I went for a piece of the thin crust and then finished off a Trader Joe's salad and tons of kettle corn and alphabet cookies... what can I say, they're addicting.

Then we busted out the Dance Kinect and worked up a major sweat.  Um, we're a competitive group.  There was trash talking involved.  We take dancing very seriously.

Of course, a kids' night out wouldn't be complete without a trip to get FROYO!
Pinkberry happened...

Mine would be that odd concoction with fruity pebbles and cap'n crunch cereal.

Oh yeah, it was definitely a crazy night :)
It's always fun when you get to have family time without the "adults" -- although half of us could probably qualify as adults now :(

Great Saturday night!
I have a run and a hike planned for today!  Keep you updated!

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