Friday, January 13, 2012

Hello, San Diego

Check out what I came home to...

80 degree weather and clear skies? I guess that works for me.
I hopped on a plane around noon East coast time and arrived at 2:45 - perfection.

I got in an easy 7.5 miles before showering and heading to the airport.  I just HAD to test out my new babies and, good news, they're amazing.  This is the first pair of shoes that I haven't had to "get used to" or "break in."  I wanted to keep running but I had a plane to catch...

I tried out my coach's "hip to nip and don't unzip" technique for my arms... ugh.  I know it'll make me a better running, but after years of running the same way, it'll definitely be a challenge to switch over.  It did help me with hills and accelerations - he might be on to something!

Lunch & Snacking!

I got upgraded. so I didn't pack anything for the plane... but then I remembered how insane/crazy/bitchy I get when I'm hungry.... thanks for the reminder, Dad.... so I decided to pick up some snacks, just in case.

Um, this trail mix medley was sooooo addicting.

Dark chocolate, dried fruit, and nuts should never be eaten separately. New law to live by.

We were served Creamy Asparagus Soup and a Chinese Chicken Salad.

Not too bad for plane food, huh?
It beats the typical "beef or pasta" choices that you get on some flights...

Okay, screw the soup and salad.... ALMOND JOY PIECES ARE MY REAL PASSION.  Seriously.  There are actually almond and coconut pieces inside of each little m&m-sized chocolate.  And a serving size in 46?!

Well, I lied.  That's the recommended serving size.  Mine was like half the bag.

Buy these immediately.  It's the perfect solution when you're craving those candy bars but you don't want to eat an entire king sized - let's be honest, nobody buys fun size bars... right?

Anyways, my brother picked me up and I headed home to relax a bit.
I was feeling super headachy and out of it, thanks to a time change and the fact that I had to stop drinking water about an hour in to the flight because I already peed 4 times and the guy next to me was getting annoyed.  Hydration and airplanes just don't mix.

I ended up eating around 4:30!  I was hungry and dizzy...
But I managed to whip up some Spaghetti Squash with Vegetarian Bolognese and Mozarella.

My sauce was a mixture of stir-fried veggies, meatless crumbles, tomato sauce, garlic, onions, mushrooms, salt and pepper.  Amazing. I added some red pepper flakes for some fire.

And then I got off my ass, drove to the gas station, filled up my car and drove 15 minutes to get froyo.... just because I'm ridiculous and I love frozen yogurt.


I'll leave you with some views from my morning run today 

Yepp.... now I know why I love coming home!

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