Sunday, January 1, 2012


HELLO 2012.... welcome :)

I've been to Los Angeles, Disneyland, and back in a whirlwind of a weekend. Which explains why this New Years post is longggg and delayed.

Friday morning we were up and out of the door by 10 am to make it to Santa Monica for lunch!
I got to choose, so I went with a recent favorite: Tender Greens

We all went with really big salads -- I got the Grilled prawn salad with Spanish chrorizo and a lemon vinaigrette! yum.  Oh, and a cup of Tomato Basil soup.

 For dessert we had to have a cute individual pumpkin pie and a cowboy cookie!

We walked along Venice Beach -- which is wayyyy different than the SoCal I'm familiar with... and somehow, we found a hidden gem: Scwayzie's Bread Pudding - as seen on the Food Network!

We got a scoop of their Warm Chocolate Chunk bread pudding and we all took a bite and tossed it, so we wouldn't be overly stuffed.  We hopped back in the car after enjoying the boardwalk and decided to delay checking into our hotel in order to see the sights of Los Angeles a little bit!

We saw the Hollywood Sign, Rodeo Drive, Sunset Blvd, Mann's Chinese Theatre.... from the car (because we were too lazy to park and walk around) but hey, it works!

THEN we checked into our Hilton Disneyland Hotel!
Where I got to see LISA for dinnnner!  She drove up from Orange County to come hang out with me/meet my ridiculous family!

We IHopped for dinner -- there were many pancakes, eggs, and pieces of turkey bacon consumed.   My favorite, however, was the Funny Face Chocolate Chip Pancake we all split for dessert.

We spent the night giggling, eating cheesecake and carrot cake that Mom brough back from Morton's steak house, and catching up!!

Midnight... new record for Casey.


Saturday, December 31st - NEW YEARS AT DISNEYLAND! 

We were up at 6:00, breakfast at Starbucks (hello, perfect oatmeal, I love you... oh and that triple shot of espresso helps too), at the park by 8!

It was a perfect day at the park! Honestly the best Disneyland AND overall amusement park experience I've ever had!  We got to go on every single ride we wanted to, and we only waited in line for maximum 20 minutes!  It was crowded but manageable!

Space mountain

We stopped for lunch in New Orleans somewhere...
Sister and I split the Jumbalaya with veggies and cornbread.

and fresh Beignets shaped with Mickey Mouse!

Dessert on Main Street!

Some teacups -- that we twirled like nobody's business.

We all took on ghetto alter egos! My name is La Funyun... Sister is F'Breeze... Mom is Peequitia.... and Arnie (mom's boy) is Lattttay

It's a Small World!


Mom hooked us up with a set menu dinner at Wine Country Trattoria

Seafood Pasta

Fig and Pecan salad with Goat Cheese

Bread and olive oil!

Tiramisu, French Macarons, Panna Cotta, and Salted Caramel Chocolate Torte. 

Rode a roller coaster right after dinner.
Brilliant idea on our parts...


Then we watched the World of Color water show!!

And rode some swings.


From my family to yours :)

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