Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fueling My Body

Well, I feel like a total dork.

I've been dreading... like absolutely dreading... coming back to school and now that I'm here, I'm loving it.  It actually feels like coming home.  My first full day back was filled all the things I love: friends, getting brunch, going grocery shopping, running my favorite routes, and cooking dinner!

My morning started with a classic bowl of oats - apple cinnamon oats, nuts, and berries! I was running low on food and I found a random packet of quaker oats... I rolled with it.

Intuitive Eating and Fueling My Body:
So, this is something that I've been working through recently: making peace with food and learning to fuel my body based on what it needs, not based on calories or silly food rules that we often get wrapped up in.  I never deny myself, but I always experience food guilt and after calorie counting last year, it was hard for me to turn that part of my brain off.

However, I've been making stellar progress!  Especially after talking to my coach about what my body needs with the amount of miles I'm putting in.  It also helps being surrounded by supportive friends who have a great approach to healthy eating.

I've heard this philosophy called Intuitive Eating, RunEatRepeat talks about this at length, and it's all about:
an approach that teaches you how to create a healthy relationship with your food, mind, and body--where you ultimately become the expert of your own body. 

from their website, where you can find more information. 

I'm going to continue eating what I crave (no, not carrot cake for every meal... I do need some nutrients) and I'll keep you updates with what I learn!  WOOHOO. 

As soon as I met up with my ladies - Lisa and Annie - and headed out to Tjoes to do some grocery shopping... they got hungry.  Silly girls didn't eat before we left.  Who was I to turn down a request to stop at a favorite diner of ours for brunch? 

I wasn't feeling the lunch food yet, but I was mad craving a scone - filled with berries and BUTTER. 
Currant Scone with a side of fresh fruit and lemon curd. 
It was absolutely glorious.
The waitress was like "we put tons and tons of butter in it"... I guess that explains it.

Confession - my running shoes make me want to run all the time.  Like every time I pass them, I slip my foot into one and then have to talk myself out of running at odd hours of the day.  Hot pink shoes that make you feel super cool is probably the best running motivation out there.

I did a fast 5 miles at an 8 min/mile pace before pounding on Lisa's door.  We planned to do our favorite run to Indian Rock Park which is about a 5.5-6 mile loop.  Kick ass.

We always seem to get to the rock just in time to watch the sunset.
How romantic... barf. It's a perfect date spot (let's get real, I'll probably only go there to run...)

I found some goodies at ol' TJOES!!  I couldn't wait to randomly mix them into what looks questionable but tastes delicious.

Tri-Color Quinoa with Leeks and Chicken Hot Dogs. And a monster salad.
How have I never had leeks before?!?
The flavor is INSANE.  I'm hooked.  I cooked up a serving of quinoa and then added in some chopped frozen leeks I got at tjoes.  While this was going on, I browned some onion and my chicken dogs in a pan and added the quinoa/leek mix in after about 2-3 minutes to blend it all together.

Holy crap the flavors of this dish...

Quinoa packs a mean protein punch too.
Dessert involved another Trader Joe's find...
Best decision of my life.

shit... gotta run to class. First day of the semester. 
I'll let you know how that goes!

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