Thursday, July 21, 2011

94 Degrees & 60 Percent Humidity = Workout in HELL

You guys should be shocked that I decided to "run" in this weather and survived to tell the tale...  You know Bikram Yoga?  That crazy hot room filled with people doing intense things with their bodies?  Picture someone trying to run in that heat.  Uphill.  Both ways... Oh yeah, because that totally happens.

Anyways, before my workout from/in/around Hell and before my 7 am (east coast time) dentist appointment... I was a happy person.  Mostly, because I was eating this:

What is that green bowl of mush, you ask?  And why is it glowing?
Well, this may just be my new favorite oatmeal recipe!!

Pistachio Pudding Oatmeal
Ingredients - 1/2 cup of old fashioned oats, 1/4 cup of soymilk, 3/2 cups of water, 3-4 tbls of sugar free pistachio instant pudding mix, 1 packet of sweetener, dash of salt.
Microwave that puppy for 3 ishhh minutes, stir, and enjoy with any add ins of your choice!

This oatmeal seriously rocked - it was thick and creamy and the pistachio pudding mix definitely added some dessert-like quality to it.  Reminiscent of my aunts' Watergate Cake!

I went splitsies with my sister - bean lady - because someone didn't wake up early enough to get ready and make a delicious breakfast.  Obviously, her priorities are a little off.  Who chooses sleep over a 5:30 wake up + food??  Crazy woman.

Sooooo after my 7 am dentist - once again, who wants to get their mouths poked and prodded so damn early? - I decided it would be a "good idea" to work out.  Whaaaat?!
I was even excited, despite the past two days of sleep deprivation...

Before my workout :):)

Let me answer your questions.  1) Yes, this is me taking self timer pictures in the kitchen.  freak. 2) Yes, my sports bra seems to be two different colors... because its drenched in sweat.

Guys, I only ran like 25 minutes.  I had to give up and walk back before I passed out in my half naked state... At one point, a nice gentleman who was stopped at a traffic light asked me to get lunch (who does that?!?! When someone is running no less) and I was mildly tempted to say yes just so I could get out of the heat.  But okay, I'm not that desperate.  And, he was fat.

I finally made it back to the house.. like 40 minutes after I left.  Showered.  Picked up the car. And picked up my pretty sistaaa for some lunch!!!  How grown up are we?  We schedule in "lunch" together....

I convinced her to go to the Kabob House and we were not disappointed.

We decided to split the lunch kabob combo - chicken and beef?? - which was more than enough.  Peep that piece of "Nan" - similar to the Indian naan, but Afghan style - that is the size of sisters head!! Can I just say that any restaurant that serves up carbs bigger than half my torso is my new favorite place.

Notice the little side dish of spiced chick peas and curried chicken?? Yeah, we got that sucker thrown in for free.  Along with two cups of chicken soup!  The owner was quite fond of us :)  He said he would "take care of two beautiful girls" and he lived up to his words... we left the place fulll and happy!

But not too full for dessert...

 Chocolate eclair anyone???

 Chinese "swiss roll" cake!! This was only half of an order!
 Sister had to shake off the cake so we didn't crumb in the car... smart cookie, that one.

Let's not forget that I have these lovelies waiting for me downstairs
Do I need to point out all the half eaten cookies?  For those of you who know my sister and I... guess who the culprit is!!

Alright, I'm off to another doctors appointment.  Chiropractor to be exact :) I wanna be in tip top shape before my crazy, two-week long adventure in a foreign country!

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