Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Triathlon - Croatian Vacation Style

 Today was one busy, fun-filled day!  You know how usually I post about all the food and naps I get to enjoy on this glorious vacation?  Well, obviously there was a lot of food I enjoyed today... but my naps were MIA!  And I couldn't complain at all, because we had an action-packed day of fun :)

I posted earlier about our morning ritual, which consists of a 5 mile loop around Mt. Marjan.  Usually, we stop at the bakery (which we did, duh) and then we head home, eat, shower, and nap before lunch and nooner activities.  However, Daddy-o wanted to head into town to shop, go to the market, and visit some cool sites - like Jupiter's Temple and that cool necklace place that sister looveess.

Come lunch time, I was famished!
Plus, we needed some fuel for our afternoon activities :)

I made a delish salad topped with cheese, zucchini, beans, and tomatoes
 I also had a piece of pizza, which I ate in like 4 seconds.  You don't need to see a picture of that.  Howeverrrr, you DO need to check out our afternoon snack & our dessert for the evening:
- Cookies & 4 flavored ice cream! Chocolate, Hazlenut, Biscuits, and Orange Creme
We might have potentially made ice cream sandwiches :)

 We headed out after lunch and walked back to Mt. Marjan! We rented bikes and toured the mountain before heading to Bene beach - how gorgeous is that water??

This was the "biking" portion of our triathlon.  Dad made us bike up Death Hill... that jerk.
My legs aren't made of steel.

Bene beach: the swimming part of our triathlon
Dad enjoying the views of Bene beach
 GUYS! This is the view from Mt. Marjan - I get to enjoy this every morning on my run. 
This is probably the only reason I'd get out of bed at 6 am to go running on vacay...

- We fell in love with this Croatian side dish, Blitva.  It is made of swiss chard and potatoes, seasoned with garlic, salt, and pepper.  SOOOO GOOD!  We've all agreed that this will be a repeat dish.  We're going to the market to pick up more for tomorrow night.. and the night after...

I was in charge of making this :)  I'll share the recipe with yaaa soon

Leftover pizza and bread on the grill
Cevapcici!! Dad grilled this at home
My plate :) plus another Cevap and some pizza!
 Our dessert was a sampling of cookies and ice cream - what else??
Brother actually accused us of eating too many "sweets"... I didn't understand what he was saying?

Right now, sister and I are watching Sleepless in Seattle !
And snacking :) duh

night guys

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