Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just About The COOLEST Day Ever!

Wooohoo I actually took a picture of everything I ate today.  Usually I just get so excited I pee myself forget to take pictures before I eat my food... sorry, dunno where that awkward sentence came from.  Anywho..

Looks like a chocolate chip cookie huh?

I ran out of oatmeal, so I topped a toasted 100 calorie sandwich thin with egg whites and a slice of reduced fat Kraft singles. I smothered the other half with some leftover mushroom risotto gravy from my potluck.  I ate about 1/3 of an apple for funsies. Fun fact; I dropped my egg and cheese half on the ground and had to scoop it off with a spatula :( not that it stopped me from eating it..

Morning snack & afternooner: Rest of my apple and some almonds (courtesy of TJoes).  Medifast brownie, which I turned into a gooey lava cake version.  BTW did you know people in my office called me "brownie girl" cause I would make my brownie, without fail, at 3 oclock every day.  Hmm..

looks like dog food - tastes like heaven

Lunch: Leftover Kabocha Squash and Curried Veggie Stew plus some fruit from the ginormous "small fruit platter" we had last night

So, now that I officially had my last day of work in the City... I guess I can tell you I was working in City Hall.  I was trying to avoid an unfortunate stalker issue, so I tried to keep that a secret while I was still interning there.  But I suppose since the majority all of my readers are basically family members, I shouldn't be too worried... yeah, Grandma, don't get any ideas. I don't need an elderly stalker, that's just awkward :)

Last Day :)
OKAY moving on.  Today was the televised Board meeting, where all the supervisors meet to vote on amendments to the City ordinance, introductions of resolutions... etc.  While we were sitting in the office watching the board meeting on tv, my supervisor took a brief time out during the meeting in order to present me with a CERTIFICATE OF HONOR! Which is just about the coolest thing!  I had to go to the meeting room and accept it and take pictuhhhhss :) Of course, I decided not to shower this morning, so that was unfortunate.  But other than that, it was really cool to be presented with an award and to be acknowledged for hard work!

THEN, his legislative aides presented me with a little pressie and a really sweet card.  Guess what they got me?!?!?!  A cookbook! They know me too well...

Check it out:

Anyways, I was in an amazing mood on the entire way home from work.  I didn't even mind public transportation (that much) because I was distracted by the colorful pictures in the cookbook.  Sue me for being a second grader and skipping forward to all the pretty pictures.

My good mood carried over to my workout, as I ran a quick 5.1 miles... and walked the last 1/2 mile.  I met up with my roommate - let's call her Jenny :) - cause that's her name, duh.  We finished a quick total arm free weights workout and thennnnn headed over to another favorite restaurant of mine!

This place is known for being "healthy fast food." I know what you're thinking, is there such a thing?  I'll let you be the judge:

We both ordered the 1/2 vegan Chili 1/2 sandwich combo with cornbread!!!!!
My sandwich was the eggplant pesto with pepper jack and guac...

Eggplant Sandy :)

Jenny ordered hers with the toasted tofu and avocado sandwich.
Tofu Sandy :)

Monster cornbread and vegan chili

To make things even more complicated, we split our half sandwiches so we got to sample everything.  As delicious as the sandwiches AND the chili were... the real star of our dinner was the freakin' cornbread loaf!  We demolished those suckers like no other.

Hahaha and duh we got froyo...

Butterscotch and Vanilla with Graham Crackers, Carob Chips

THEN Jenny whipped something out that excited me beyond words! No, don't be alarmed, she's a classy lady.  She got me some snackie-poos for the airplane ride(s) that I'll be taking shortly :)

Peanut Butter Granola Bars from TRADER JOES?!  Does she know me, or what?

I'm finally all packed for my crazy month long adventures to DC, Croatia, Frankfurt (briefly), and San Diego.  Um, are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?  FOOD PICTURES GALORE!

rejoice... be jealous... suckers.

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