Saturday, July 16, 2011

What did end up in my mouth last night?

I had no idea that when I accidentally made that sexual/food comment on yesterday's post, that my night would somehow include a food that was a perfect mix between sexual, dessert, deliciousness.  Let me elaborate a little, before you get any crazy ideas...

We headed to Sausalito, this incredibly cute, ocean-side town that has some great seafood restaurants and cute (and expensive) boutiques :)  Of course, we ended up getting there after everything was closed, but it was super fun to walk around and gawk at store windows.  We even took a few touristy pics:

We asked an elderly man to take the picture... and he couldn't figure out the whole flash thing.

Okay, so keeping with our usual "exploration" traditions, we HAD to find a place for dessert.  So we headed to the City... and we were NOT disappointed

After some quick Yelp-ing via the Iphone, we drove into the Castro in order to hit up Hot Cookie, this amazing cookie place that specializes in a certain totally-San-Franciscan cookie: 


Penis-shaped, chocolate dipped, coconut macaron cookies!!! SAY WHAT??! It tastes as good as it looks? Hmm.. I don't know if that's the right expression for this baby.  AND can I just point out how huge it is?  Also, unsure if that's alright to say...  but take a look 

Yeah, that thing is no joke.  It's the size of his head.  HAHAH
Alongside our inappropriately-shaped, but incredibly moist and delicious, macaron, we had a huge m&m rice crispy treat, a tofee nut cruch cookie, a snickerdoodle, and a day-old m&m cookie that actually ended up being our favorite.  Who said day-old pastries weren't just as good as the others?!?

Once again, had we been sane individuals, this would have sufficed as our daily dessert.... but NO we had to head to Mitchell's Ice Cream - which is conveniently located 1.2 miles away :) and is on the list of top 50 SF desserts to try before you die.  This is published so basically I took it to be law. 

I had "Claire's Pie" ice cream in a waffle cone - it was coffee mixed with chocolate, carmel, chocolate chips and nuts.... basically heaven swirled in creamy goodness.  
Henry - Mr. Macaron aka my foodie friend - had their famous Ube ice cream in a pretzel cone.  HOW COOL is the pretzel cone?!  I want to get it next time, it was a really nice salty contrast to the almost overwhelming sweetness :)  Ube is "purple yam" and it is strangely like taro.  Soooo good. 

Okay, we called it quits after that adventure because Mitchell's really can't be beat, ya know??

I'm off to work - sorry this post was late, I've been a busy girl!  Cooking up some amazingggg things in the kitchen, which I will share with you shortly :)  Plus I have my mom's inspiring story I also want to share.  Hope your weekend is Harry Potter filled!!!!!

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