Sunday, July 24, 2011

Starting Our Vacation Off Right

Last night, the three foodies (Dad, Sister, Casey) went to town.   We went to town alll over those gelato stores, grilled fish stands, and pastry shops.

Our entire trip yesterday the past two days, Sister and I kept eating.  And then we talked about how unhappy our bikini bodies would be.  So we ate some more.  Sometimes, that's just how you need to start off a two-week vacation: like little piggies.  We will soon graduate to the title "BIG piglets" if this continues... and let's not kid ourselves, it will continue.

Off to explore :)


Fresh grilled fish & bread

Assortment of amazing pastries

We all crashed pretty early, except for Brother who was crazy enough to go watch the Barcelona and Hajduk soccer game with our cousin. 

Of course, come 4 am, I was wide awake.  Hungry.  But ready for our usual morning run up the mountain.  There's this sweet mountain/national park near our apartment, which we discovered two years ago when we were here.  Sister ran it every morning.  Casey was too lazy to get out of bed... but times have changed my friends.

I'm about to tear Sister out of bed and make her go running at 5:30 am.  I'll let you know how it goes!


So, I ended up leaving the house at 6.  Sister left to go running shortly after.
It started raining... There was some thunder and lightening. Talk about intense.

I ended up only running about 45 minutes & then doing a modified cardio/abs/arm routine:
- 50 jumping jacks
- 20 alternating lunges
- 20 squats
- 10 squat jumps
- 10 tuck jumps
- 25 push ups
- 60 seconds high knees
- 15 tricep dips
- 60 second plank + downward dog, plank, scorpion series.

Sister and I both survived the weather and the creepy, secluded mountain and met back at the house for some b-fast and 90210!! The rest of the family is still asleep...

We're off to go to the market andddd potentially the bakery :) Uh oh!

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