Monday, July 18, 2011

Goodbye Dinner... And By Dinner I Mean FEAST

Ahhhh I have been looking forward to this day for a long time... more specifically, I've been looking forward to this meal.  And by a long time, I really meant like a week.  So, I'm a little impatient.  Let's forget the details and move on to the food, shall we?

When my roommate reminded me that I'd be leaving NorCal for the better part of a month, we immediately mourned my impending departure for about 2 minutes, before starting our plans for my last supper :) Yes, this was basically a holy experience - it was that good.

I spent countless hours researching (via Henry, Yelp!, and Google) and then... I decided to settle on an oldie but a goodie: our favorite Mediterranean restaurant.  This place just can't be beat.

Our original plan was to head to work, hit the gym for some cardio, and book it to our restaurant to get our grub on.  Our slightly altered plans included almost everything on the list... minus the workout.  I'm sorry but come 6 oclock (when I get back from work) my stomach dominates my thoughts.  Who wants to work out after 12 hours of hard labor??

So, off we went to dinner:

Instead of our usual appetizer platter, we opted to try the cheese & fruit platter.  Ya know, to keep things light so we'd have room for our entrees.  WRONG.

The platter included some creamy brie, delicious feta, gouda, possibly some muenster? And tons of fresh fruit - NANNERS, strawberries, pineapple, oranges, and grapes.

We kept it lighter for our entrees - WRONG

The Middle Eastern Platter

The Vegetarian Middle Eastern Platter

My meal - the non veg platter - included a Greek wrap, a shredded pork/cinnamon/raisin/spice filo roll, a spinach and feta filo roll, a side salad, Mediterranean rice, humus, and chicken pomegranate.  I finished that like it was my job... seriously, no effort required.

The veggie basically subbed in a different filo roll and dolma (stuffed grape leaves).

Of course, we had to top off our "light" dinners with dessert in the form of creamy and delicious.  ICE CREAM!!! Our ice cream shop of choice has been ranked among the top 10 in the bay area... hmmm :) Now you know why the people who work there know my name.  I'm a regular.

I vary rarely get a double scoop, because the cone is home made and filled with chocolate... but tonight's flavors were unreal!  I sampled the Wanut-Candied Walnut, Coconut Creme Brulee, Milke Chocolate-Sour Cherry-Marshmallow, and the Malted Vanilla Gingersnap.  I couldnt decide!

So I opted for a double of the gingersnap and the creme brulee... and I was not disappointed. While waiting in life for our desserts (yes, there is a longggg line out the door), my roommate and I were stuck behind these annoying ass high school girls who were whining about boys.  We looked at eachother and immediately agreed we would completely devote ourselves to something that has never let us down: ice cream.  Unlike the male species, it gives and gives without ever disappointing us :)

I bet you can imagine what I look like right now. 
Couch. Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations on Travel Channel. Baggy sweatshirt.  Elastic waistband.

My night was perfect :) Glad I could share it with you

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