Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday came early this week...

My roommate and I are very different.  We have different tastes in music, in academic interests... in boys (thank God for that)... but the one thing that we have in common is our intense love of all things FOOD! So we started a tradition to try a new restaurant every Friday in order to explore the crazy culinary world of our college town :) last night, our Friday came early.

This post requires minimal words:

 Appetizer: Vegan “charcuterie” - mushroom, corn, Purple Viking potatoes, 
porcini butter, dehydrated onion
- beet blood custard, cashew goat cheese, beet tops
- pulled mushroom, charred peanuts, pistachio, seaweeds, Analise’s cilantro blossoms
- sprouted lentils, curry leaf, baby mustards

 Probably one of the most delicious things I've had in awhile - it's giving the deep fried snickers a run for its money!  The flavors were intense and each little appetizer was dramatically different from the others.  I was in heaven (plus the whole wheat bread didn't hurt)


 Main Course: Yuba “pappardelle” – smoked okara “Bolognese”, nama yuba, rapini, roasted porcini (v, gf)
Summer squash pizza – squash blossoms, Redwood Hill Farm goat cheese, Genovese pesto 


The pizza stole the show - warm goat cheese, pesto & fresh veggies on a whole wheat crust. 

At this point, anything I say will be ignored.  So why bother? I'll send updates later, just enjoy the food porn (it's okay, scroll to the top and take a closer look)

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