Friday, July 22, 2011

And the Adventure BEGINS - Croatia Here We Come!

Okay.... most of you know this already, I just wanted to add a little suspense to my life by attempting to surprise you with the announcement that.... We're leaving for CROATIA! today :) and we won't be returning for 2 weeks.

Jealous?  Should be.

In the past, whenever I have mentioned Croatia, I usually get the following responses:
- Oh wow that's so cool!! That's in Russia isn't it?
- Croa...what?
- Croatia? Is that safe?

Yes, it seems that Croatia isn't exactly the typical Euro-trip hot spot - It's sooo much better! Think of it as a mix between Mediterranean and European culture.  Greece meets Italy.  But without so much tourism!  Of course, this means that English isn't everybody's first priority... but to be fair, it's not like I'm making an effort to learn Croatian either (slavic languages don't slip off the tongue as nicely as french so forget it)

Croatia is a small country in what was once Yugoslavia.  It lines the Adriatic Sea and has thousands of islands ranging in size from a small rock to a largeee, resort style island (ideal for day trips)

Anyways, if you're a frequent traveller in our household, you get quite used to the screaming, yelling, and bickering that only seems to get louder and more frequent as departure time approaches.  Today, however, for quite possibly the first time in history, there was NO yelling.  We all packed up our bags, ate a delicious and UN-nutritious lunch... POPEYES
and headed to the airport. 

What do you mean we're not attractive?

I stopped at Potbelly for a "Wreck Salad" and thennnn proceeded to Maui Wowi for a Banana Banana smoothie... Screw airplane food.  Salads and smoothies are how I roll.

My next post will likely be when I'm jetlagged and exhausted in  CROATIA!!!
But I'll be too excited to be grumpy... as long as someone remembered to feed me every few hours.  Croatia here I come :)

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